1948 Menting KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Route Map of the World

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Winter 1948 - 49. - Main View

1948 Menting KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Route Map of the World


KLM to the East Indies!


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Winter 1948 - 49.
  1948 (dated)     22.5 x 38.25 in (57.15 x 97.155 cm)     1 : 37600000


This is a highly decorative art deco large-format 1948 Jan Menting KLM Royal Dutch Airlines route map of the world - highlighting its extensive coverage in the East Indies. The map combines Art Deco and Bauhaus aesthetics - reflecting Jan's early training. Set against a pastel backdrop, air routes and vignettes stand out in bold primary colors. Clouds overlap part of the map and suggest looking upon the world from far above - as one might in a KLM flight. Stylistically, the poster is reminiscent of similar airline promotions issued in France by Lucien Boucher.
The KLM Global Network
From its hub in Amsterdam, KLM's network spreads across the world. While KLM's most extensive coverage is in Europe, the pride of the airline was its comprehensive service to all parts of the Indonesian archipelago, as well as the Philippines, and New Guinea, Singapore, and Bangkok. KLM also served New York City, Caribbean islands, and points in South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Pictorial vignettes highlight regional flora, fauna, geography, and culture - thus encouraging and inspiring travel.
Publication History and Census
This map was created by Jan Menting in 1948 for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. It was printed in Holland by De Jong and Company, Hilversum. Two states are known, this being the first. The present first edition was published for 'Winter 1948 - 49'. A second edition, issued in 1949, celebrated KLM's thirtieth anniversary. This is the only known cataloged example of the present 'Winter 1948 - 49' edition. We note an example of the thirtieth anniversary edition in the David Rumsey Map Collection.


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