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1876 Illustrated London News View of New York City, Manhattan, from Hoboken

New York from Bergen Hill Hoboken. - Main View

1876 Illustrated London News View of New York City, Manhattan, from Hoboken


Iconic panorama of Manhattan.


New York from Bergen Hill Hoboken.
  1876 (dated)     22 x 48 in (55.88 x 121.92 cm)


An enormous striking 1876 London Illustrated News bird's-eye view of Manhattan, New York City. The view looks east on Manhattan and Long Island from Bergen Hill, a high point in Hoboken, New Jersey, just across the Hudson River. Manhattan is covered from the Battery to roughly 96th Street. The Reservoir, today the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, a large pond in Central Park, is evident at the extreme left. Hoboken is evident in the foreground, and in the distance Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and Long Island city are recognizable. Some of the larger buildings, generally church spires, are exaggerated in the vertical. Among these both Trinity Church and St. Paul's Chapel, in the financial district, stand out. The Hudson River, East River, and New York Harbor are busy with maritime traffic, including ferries, commercial ships, and sailing yachts. The view predates the construction of any major bridges across the Hudson or East Rivers.
Publication History and Census
This wonderful view was issued on August 19, 1876 as a supplement to the London Illustrated News. The view was drawn by Thomas Sulman and engraved in a woodcut by Robert Loudan. It was then transferred to lithographic stone for publication in 1876.


Illustrated London News (1842 - 1971) was one of the world's first weekly news magazines It was first published by Herbert Ingram and Mark Lemon (of Punch fame) in 1842. The lavishly illustrated magazine slowly gained popularity and continued to be published on a weekly basis until 1971. Today the Illustrated London News is the Illustrated London News Group and publishes bi-annually. More by this mapmaker...

Thomas Sulman (c.1834 – 1900) was an English architectural draftsman. Sulman studied at The Working Men’s College between 1854 and 1858, where he was a student of, and later an engraver for, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. He is best known for using balloons to capture birds-eye views of various cities including London, Oxford, Glasgow and New York. Most of his view were issued in association with the Illustrated London News and engraved by Robert Loudan Sr. In 1891 he produced high-level views of major London thoroughfares for Herbert Fry's London: Illustrated by Twenty Bird's Eye Views of the Principal Streets. These were engraved by George William Ruffle (1838–1901). In addition, Sulman prepared graphics for newspaper and magazine advertisements. Learn More...

Robert Loudan (fl. 1855 – 1895) was a prominent London woodcut engraver active in the middle part of the 19th century. Most of Loudan's work is associated with the Illustrated London News. His most prominent engravings were woodcuts based upon Thomas Sulman's dramatic balloon bird's-eye views of English and American cities. Considering the prominence of his work, it is surprising just how little biographical information exists. We know almost nothing of Loudan's life, education, or character. Learn More...


Very good. Laid on linen.


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