1862 Basset Chart of European Orders and other Decorations


1862 Basset Chart of European Orders and other Decorations


Details awards and decorations bestowed by over two dozen nations across the globe.


Tableau Général des Croix des Ordres Français et Étrangers. Nouvelle Édition.
  1862 (undated)     21 x 27 in (53.34 x 68.58 cm)


This is a c. 1862 André Basset chart of commendations, orders, and other decorations bestowed by many different countries of the world. French decorations, including the three unique medals given for the Legion of Honor, are situated on the upper left. Decorations awarded by Great Britain, Russia, Brazil, Sweden, Portugal, and Denmark are illustrated. German duchies and principalities also are highlighted, alongside those of the Papal States, Tuscany, and Sardinia. Asterisks appear near specific awards, which means they have been cleared to be worn in France.
Publication History and Census
This chart was created and published by Andre Basset in 1862, lithographed by J. Kuppenheim, and printed by the Imprimerie Boucher. One example is cataloged in OCLC and is part of the collection at The British Library.


André Basset (or Bassett) (fl. 1768 - 1784) was a well-known French family of publishers and engravers active on the Rue St. Jacques, Paris, during the 18th and 19th centuries. Basset was best known for the production of low cost optical views of European cities and events. However, the firm also produced games, maps, and other prints. The firm was taken over by Paul-André Bassett in 1784. Paul-André Bassett himself retired in 1819, but the business continued under various family members until 1865. The firm operated from the corner of Rue St Jacques and Rue des Mathurins, Paris.


Very good. Slight verso repair along original centerfold at bottom margin.


OCLC 556620147.