1951 George White Political Cartoon of Political Storms in Florida and D.C.

Orphans of the Storm. - Main View

1951 George White Political Cartoon of Political Storms in Florida and D.C.


Weathering political storms.


Orphans of the Storm.
  1951 (undated)     11 x 10 in (27.94 x 25.4 cm)


This is a 1951 George White political cartoon highlighting the political scandals surrounding Florida Governor Fuller Warren, as well as President Harry Truman. Truman's scandal revolved around Truman relieving General Douglas MacArthur of all his duties for ignoring direct orders. Governor Warren was trying to 'weather the storm' caused by the Miami Crime Commission's discoveries.
A Closer Look
Florida Governor Fuller Warren (identified here as 'Fooler' Warren) attempts to ride out the 'Miami Crime Commission Hurricane' in a hollowed-out tree stump. Racing forms and a book entitled How to Win an Election blow away from his stump. Warren looks north toward President Harry Truman in Washington, who is riding out the 'MacArthur Cyclone' in 'Harry's Storm Cellar'. Truman yells at Warren, 'How's th' weather down there Fooler?' to which Warren responds 'Rough, brother, rough!'
The Miami Crime Commission
In 1951, the Miami Crime Commission was investigating gambling and bookmaking in Dade County, as well as corruption among law enforcement. Dade County's sheriff was implicated in the scandal and was suspended, only to be reinstated by Governor Warren. These investigations proved that gambling and other illegal activities could be traced to Al Capone's crime network and the New York mob. Warren also had ties to these groups and some of his campaign donations were connected to organized crime. Other commissions investigated corruption and gambling in other parts of Florida, unveiling broad corruption throughout the state.
Publication History and Census
This cartoon was drawn by George White and printed on the front page of the April 26, 1951, edition of the Tampa Morning Tribune. As this is a manuscript drawing, this is a one-of-a-kind piece.


George White (1901 - March 7, 1964) was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and relocated to Tampa with this family in 1915. White studied art under Tampa artist Walter Collins and began work as a commercial artist at the Tampa Morning Tribune in 1928 and by 1934 was a regular cartoonist at the Tribune. Rather unconventionally, the paper featured his cartoons on the front page. His work displays the evolving course of America's domestic and geopolitics from the interwar period, through the Second World War, and into the Cold War More by this mapmaker...


Very good. Manuscript.