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1933 Weston's Biscuits Fantasy Game Map of Tarzan's Jungle

The Tarzan Jungle Map and Treasure Hunt

1933 Weston's Biscuits Fantasy Game Map of Tarzan's Jungle


A game which was included with a purchase of Weston's English Quality Biscuits in 1933.



The Tarzan Jungle Map and Treasure Hunt
  1933 (dated)    14 x 20 in (35.56 x 50.8 cm)


This is a 1933 Weston's Quality English Biscuits fantasy game map of Tarzan's Jungle. The map functions as a game board and depicts from the start, which is off the coast of Tarzan's homeland, to the finish, which is, truthfully, not far from the start (as the crow flies of course). Players begin on a ship, and the first five spaces are in the shape of boats, while the rest look like footprints. Various 'special instructions' are placed along the route, some of which allow the player to advance extra spaces, while others force them to retreat. As the players follow the path set forth on the game board, they pass numerous vignettes of life in Tarzan's jungle. Some of these (such as 'hostile pygmies' or 'warlike blacks' per the 'special instructions') are not the most politically correct. The cartoons of natives are not up to 'modern' standards. Several of the vignettes, nonetheless, depict animals, such as elephants, lions, a rhino, and crocodiles. Tarzan himself is depicted in the lower right corner and several ghastly sea creatures inhabit the coastal waters.

Tarzan first appeared in 1912, in the magazine serial by Edgar Rice Burroughs, which was published in book form in 1914. The first Tarzan movie premiered in 1918, and a popular series of movies began in 1932 which included 12 films until 1948. Tarzan was also the main character of a popular radio program from 1932-1936.

This game map was produced by the Weston Biscuit Co., Ltd. and printed by the Elnsom-Freeman Company, Inc. in 1933.


Very good. Blank on verso. Accompanied by original sleeve bearing game pieces and instructions.
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