George E. Norris (1855 – 1926) was an American hotelier, publisher, and bird's-eye view artist based in Brockton, Massachusetts during the latter part of the 19th century. Norris began publishing views in partnership with Albert F. Poole, an established view maker who, at the time, was renting a house in Brockton from Norris' mother. His first views, most of which were signed by Poole, were published in 1883. In 1884 Norris partnered with Henry Wellge, publishing out of Brockton as Norris and Wellge, and later out of Milwaukee as Norris, Wellge and Co. Noris began drawing views independently around 1887. Most of these were printed by Lucien Burleigh of Troy New York. In total, Norris produced about 135 individual city views. In 1897 he left the view business to open a hotel, the Hotel Norris, in Brockton. Meeting some success in this field, in acquired the Hotel Grayson, also in Brockton, in 1912. He ran this until his death of cerebral hemorrhage in 1926.

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