John L. Smith (March 19, 1846 - April 1, 1921) was a Philadelphia based stationer, map seller, publisher, and printer active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Smith served in the Civil war with Company K, 118th Pennsylvania, the 'Corn Exchange Regiment' from roughly 1862. He served in the Battle of North Anna and Bethesda Church, where he was wounded. He mustered out of service in 1865 and settled in Philadelphia. Smith subsequently worked with Rufus L. Barnes (1794 - 1868), whose business he acquired in 1868. His offices were at 27 South Sixth Street, Philadelphia. He retired from the map business in 1920. Smith rose to prominence and wealth and, when he died, left a large estate of $54,500 USD to charity. He had no children and lived as a bachelor at the Columbia Club, 1600 North Broad Street, until his death of a heart attack in 1921. He had a brother, William C. Smith, who survived him.

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