Frederick Coulton Waugh (March 10, 1896 - May 23, 1973) was an American artist, painter, and writer based in Provincetown, MA and later Newburgh, New York. Waugh was born in Conwall, England. He immigrated to the United States in 1907, settling in Philadelphia with his father, maritime painter Frederick Judd Waugh (grandson of portraitist Samuel Waugh). Coulton enrolled in New York's Art Students League where he studied with George Bridgman, Frank Dumond, and John Carlson. In 1916 he took work as a textile designer before moving to Provincetown, in 1918, to open a model ship and hooked rug shop. Coulton is famous for his work in the comic strip Dickie Dare and his book The Comics, a comprehensive study analyzing comic strips and detailing their history. Coulton also taught art and wrote instructional and educational art books and edited home study course art textbooks. A professional sailor, he drew historic ships and created decorative maps. His 'serious' paintings, first displayed at the Hudson Walker Gallery in New York were, according to one writer, 'enough to give his father's admirers the jitters.' In terms of cartography, Waugh is known for producing several pictorial maps including a 'Map of Silk,' Provincetown (1924), Cape Cod (1926), Cape Ann (1927), Old Cape Cod (1930), Long Island, and the Hudson River (1958). He also issued a map of California (1940) in collaboration with his wife, Odin Burvik (aka Mabel Burwick).

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