Charles Sumner Fee (September 24, 1853 - September 25, 1923) was an American railroad man active in the American Midwest and California during the latter part of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Fee was born in Laurel, Ohio. Fee began his railroad career in 1873 as general secretary to the manager of the Michigan Central Railway. In 1877 he took a position as H. E. Sargent's secretary at the Northern Pacific Railroad, which at the time had only about 400 miles of track. In 1883, he was promoted to Northern Pacific General Passenger Agent, a position he held until 1904, when he took over E. O. McCormic's position as passenger and traffic manager of the San Francisco office of the Southern Pacific Railroad. He was one of the directors of the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition in San Francisco. Fee died in San Francisco in 1923, at the time he was still working at the Southern Pacific Railroad.

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