Thomas Brothers (1915 - 1999) was founded by George Copleland Thomas and his two brothers in Oakland in 1915. Operating from a street corner in Hollywood, Copeland started his business by selling maps to movie stars' homes. From this, Thomas created a 'map book' / guide book institution, while carrying most of the day-to-day operating information around in his head. After George Thomas passed away in 1955, his widow hired Warren Wilson, an attorney, to straighten out the company's affairs. When it became clear that none of Thomas's heirs were interested in continuing the business, it was offered for sale. Wilson and accountant Tom Tripodic jointly purchased the company and decided to move in a new direction while 'maintaining the Thomas Brothers' tradition.' They moved the company headquarters from San Francisco to Irvine, California. The company was purchased by Rand McNally in 1999 who laid off many of Thomas Brothers' most skilled cartographers and employees in 2003 and officially closed all California operations in 2009.

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