1840 Perrot Comparative Chart depicting the Wonders of Nature

Tableau Pittoresque des Merveilles de la Nature. - Main View

1840 Perrot Comparative Chart depicting the Wonders of Nature


Fantastic separate issue example of this awesome chart!


Tableau Pittoresque des Merveilles de la Nature.
  1840 (undated)     17.25 x 23.25 in (43.815 x 59.055 cm)


This is a separate issue c.1840 Aristide Michel Perrot comparative chart illustrating the wonders of the nature. The chart depicts 58 different numerically identified natural wonders occurring throughout the world. A table, situated in the bottom quarter of the chart, bears the name, location, and a short description of each of the wonders. Some of the wonders include several extinct creatures, including a fossilized mammoth skeleton and an ichthyosaur, several caves, Niagara Falls, and a handful of animals, such as a giraffe, boa, and condor.

This chart was composed by Arisitide Michel Perrot and published by Maison Basset c. 1840. This is a separate issue edition of this chart. Smaller versions of this chart were published in atlases, but this is the only separate issue (and larger) example we have located, making this a very rare find.


Aristide Michel Perrot (1793 - 1879) was a French geographer, cartographer, and essayist active during the 19th century. Perrot specialized in miniature maps that appear in numerous French atlases. Perrot was also a prolific writer and his works include geographic lexicons and several essays. More by this mapmaker...

André Basset (or Bassett) (fl. 1768 - 1784) was a well-known French family of publishers and engravers active on the Rue St. Jacques, Paris, during the 18th and 19th centuries. Basset was best known for the production of low cost optical views of European cities and events. However, the firm also produced games, maps, and other prints. The firm was taken over by Paul-André Bassett in 1784. Paul-André Bassett himself retired in 1819, but the business continued under various family members until 1865. The firm operated from the corner of Rue St Jacques and Rue des Mathurins, Paris. Learn More...


Good. Mounted as a wall map. Varnished over. Varnish exhibits moderate degradation. Some whitening. Slightly shinier than map appears in image. Could be removed by professional restorer.


OCLC 557507963.