1903 Set of 8 Johnston Charts of Human Anatomy and Physiology

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1903 Set of 8 Johnston Charts of Human Anatomy and Physiology


A rare set of eight full-color early twentieth century anatomical charts.


W. and A.K. Johnston's Charts of Anatomy and Physiology.
  1903 (undated)     26 x 20.5 in (66.04 x 52.07 cm)


This is a set of eight c. 1903 William and Alexander Keith Johnston charts of human anatomy and physiology. Designed by renowned English anatomist Dr. William Turner, this set includes charts depicting the bones, ligaments, muscles, heart and arteries, veins and lungs, organs of digestion, nervous system, and organs of sense and voice. Each chart is charmingly illustrated with a human figure at center demonstrating how these systems fit together. Surrounding the central drawing are several smaller illustrations that relate to the subject of each chart. The eighth chart, concerning to organs of sense and voice, does not include the central human figure, but is a collection of fifteen smaller illustrations depicting the organs necessary for sight, smell, hearing, taste, and speech.
Publication History
This set of charts was designed by Dr. William Turner and published by W. and A.K. Johnston Limited in Great Britain and distributed by A.J. Nystrom and Company in the United States. We have dated the set of charts based off of the 1903 founding date of A.J. Nystrom and Company. We have been unable to locate any sets of these charts in institutional collections and a full set is a rarity on the market.


Alexander Keith Johnston (December 28, 1804 - July 9, 1871) was a Scottish cartographer and map publisher active in the middle portion of the 19th century. Johnson was born at Kirkhill, near Edinburgh, Scotland. He studied at the University of Edinburgh where he apprenticed as an engraver. Around 1826, in partnership with his brother William, he founded a cartographic printing and engraving firm with the imprint "W. and A. K. Johnston." Johnston made a name for himself in educational geography, publishing numerous maps for use in schools. His brother, William Johnston, eventually left the firm to pursue a career in politics, eventually becoming the Lord Provost of Edinburgh. Alexander's son, who would bear the same name, became a geographer and explorer, suffering an untimely death on the Royal Geographical Society's 1879 expedition to Lake Nyasa. Learn More...

Sir William Turner (January 7, 1832 - February 15, 1916) was an English anatomist and served as the Principal of the University of Edinburgh from 1903 to 1916. Turner received an education as various private schools around England before studying medicine at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. He graduated M.B. from the University of London. Turner became a senior demonstrator in anatomy at the University of Edinburgh in 1854 and was appointed Professor of Anatomy at the University of Edinburgh in 1867. From 1898 until 1904, Turner served as the president of the General Medical Council, and was named president of the British Association in 1900. He also served as President of the Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland from 1890 until 1893. Turner married Agnes Logan, with whom he had two daughters, Margaret Constance and Agnes Amy. Learn More...


Good. Eight lithographs mounted on linen and attached to a wooden roller.