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1740 Alibrizzi Map of the East Indies (Malay, Singapore, Borneo)

Isole di Sunda Borneo Sumatra Iava Grance & c. - Main View

1740 Alibrizzi Map of the East Indies (Malay, Singapore, Borneo)



Isole di Sunda Borneo Sumatra Iava Grance & c.
  1740 (undated)     12 x 15 in (30.48 x 38.1 cm)     1 : 9000000


An attractive 1740 map of the East Indies, including Malay (Malacca), Singapore, Borneo, Sumatra, and Java. Centered on the Strait of Sunda (site of the great Krakatoa Volcano), the map covers from the modern day Thai island of Phuket (Junsalan) and southern Cambodia, south to Java, and from the Nicobar Islands to the Celebes. There is impressive detail throughout, including numerous inland cities and topography illustrated in profile. The Strait of Singapore is identified, but the island itself, though apparent, is unnamed. This map was drown for the Giambattista Albrizzi Italian edition of Guillaume De L'Isle's Atalante novissimo che contiene tutte le parti del Mondo. The maps in this edition are all attributed to Isaak Tirion, who probably laid them out, but they were engraved by Albrizzi, with Italian text and styling. Tirion himself did not release these maps on his own accord until the publication of his own atlas in 1744.


Giambattista Albrizzi (1698 - 1777), a.k.a. Giovanni Battista Albrizzi, was an Italian publisher and journalist active in Venice during the mid-18th century. Albrizzi was the scion of a well-established Venetian publishing dynasty and followed in the footsteps of his father, Girolamo Albrizzi, who founded the family printing business and is known for publishing the work the great Venetian cartography Vincenzo Coronelli. Giambattista Albrizzi is generally considered to be the most prominent 18th century Venetian publisher. Today he is best known for his friendship and collaboration with Giovanni Battista Piazzeta (1683 - 1754), a well know Venetian artist and engraver, whose drawings and engravings appear in many of Albrizzi's publications, including his maps. Giambattista Albrizzi's cartographic work, while not particularly innovative in terms of content, often featured elaborate decorative elements designed by Piazzeta. Through the integration of such decorative elements, Albrizzi hopped to revive the reputation of Venetian publishing, which since the late 17th century, had fallen in regard since the days of Girolamo. His work helped lay the foundations for Italian school decorative cartography in the late 18th and early 19th century, including the work of Antonio Zatta, among others. In addition to Albrizzi's work as a map and book publisher, he also issued a weekly journal, Novelle della Repubblica delle Lettere, a kind of early newspaper that played an important role in Venetian business and intellectual life. More by this mapmaker...

Isaak Tirion (1705 - 1765) was a Dutch publisher in Amsterdam. Born in Utrecht, Tirion quickly rose to prominence by publishing pamphlets, historical works, and most importantly, maps and atlases. He produced several atlases and Dutch town plans. His maps are mainly based on those of Guillaume de l'Isle. Tirion eventually relocated his printing house to the prestigious Kalverstraat. In his long career, he produced eight atlases in multiple editions, some of which were published posthumously until about 1784. Learn More...


Salmon, T., Lo Stato Presente (Albrizzi), 1740.    


Very good. Original plate mark visible. Slight centerfold wear. Blank on verso.