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1792 Cassini Celestial or Star Map (in gores, 4 maps)

Globo Celeste.

1792 Cassini Celestial or Star Map (in gores, 4 maps)


Stunning set of full color celestial globe gores from the 18th century!



Globo Celeste.
  1792 (dated)    20 x 13.5 in (50.8 x 34.29 cm)


A stunning set of globe gores for Giovanni Maria Cassini's 1792 Globo Celeste or Celestial Globe. The gores are presented in four bordered sheets, each containing three gores, for a total of 12 gores. Each individual gore represents 30° of the sphere.

As is typical of Cassini's work, the gores are beautifully engraved with figural representations of the constellations, to which Cassini has introduced the innovation of shading to give a three-dimensional aspect. In addition, each figural constellation is stunningly colored. The constellations are based upon both Ptolemaic and later Renaissance cartographic geographical systems. While some constellations, such as those of the Zodiac, are recognizable, others such as 'Il Toucan' and 'Il Microscopio,' have fallen out of common usage. The individual, which are sized according to magnitude are laid down according to the work John Flamsteed (1646 - 1719) and Nicolas-Louis de Lacaille (1713 - 1762).

These gores, along with a terrestrial set, appeared in Cassini's 1792 Nuovo Atlante Geografico Universale delineate suelle ultime osservazioni, published in Rome by the Presso la Calcografia Camerale. Full sets, as here, are rare to the market.


Giovanni Maria Cassini (1745 - 1824) was a Rome based Italian mathematician, globe maker, geographer, engraver, and cartographer active in the later part of the 18th and early 19th century. He was a disciple of Giovanni Battista Piranesi. He invented new form of projection used for an atlas of the kingdom of Naples issued by Giovanni Antonio Rizzi Zannoni. Cassini is best known as a globe maker and is considered the last of the great 18th century globe makers. His maps are distinctive for their fine engraving, dark strong impressions, and elaborate distinctive cartouche work. Unlike many map and atlas publishers of the period, Cassini did all of his own engraving work - this impregnating each map with his unmistakable style. Though he produced a significant corpus of well-regarded work, little is known of Cassini's personal life. G. M. Cassini is often mistakenly associated with the well-known French cartographic family of the same name, however, they are not related.


Cassini, G. M., Nuovo Atlante Geografico Universale, (Roma : Presso la Calcografia Camerale) 1792.    


Very good. Minor centerfold wear. Else clean. Measurement reflected printed area of each sheet is 13.5 x 20 in.


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