1940 Chocolates Orthi Trading Card Pictorial Map of Africa (incomplete set)

Mapa de Africa - Main View

1940 Chocolates Orthi Trading Card Pictorial Map of Africa (incomplete set)


Intriguing advertising puzzle map of Africa.


Mapa de Africa
  1940 (undated)     4 x 2.5 in (10.16 x 6.35 cm)


A highly unusual c. 1940 pictorial map of Africa issued by Chocolates Orthi, Piera Y Brugueras of Tarragona, Spain. This beautiful pictorial map is incomplete, composed of only 50 of the 60 unusually shaped trading cards that were issued inside boxes of Spanish chocolates. The cards have not yet been cut out from their original trading cards, but once removed they combine to create a large map of Africa. The map covers the entire continent from the Mediterranean Sea to the Cape of Good Hope and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean. The map is peppered with pictorial illustrations of indigenous Africans as well as African fauna, including elephants and ostriches, and African art. A small map on card No. 1 illustrates the breakdown and placement of the cards. Several of the cards feature the flag of at least one country, while others feature pieces of art. Each card has a small text on the verso, along with the Chocolates, Piera Y Brugueras slogan.

The date of this map is unclear. Chocolates Orthi, Piera Y Brugueras began issuing cartographic cromos instructivos recortables around 1933. They produced maps of Spain, Europe, North and South America, and North America. The Europe map is the only map that bears a date, 1933, and stylistically appears primitive, possibly suggesting an earlier example. We have approximate the date to 1940, which is consistent with the publishing history of Litografía B. Baño as well as the printing style.

The cards were printed by Litografía B. Baño of Barcelona, Spain.


Litografía B. Baño (fl. c. 1930 – c. 1960) was a Barcelona based commercial lithography firm. The issued various posters for events and advertising as well as a several collections of trade cards. The firm seems to have been intimate with the chocolate industry, including Chocolates Orthi, Piera Y Brugueras and Chocolates Juncosa, who provided it with considerable business Learn More...


Very good. Set contains 50 of 60 pieces. Each piece is in different condition. Some have apparent chocolate stains on verso. Different text on verso of each card.