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1784 Santini Map of Transylvania / Romania

Principaute de Transilvanie et Pays Circonvoisins. - Main View

1784 Santini Map of Transylvania / Romania


18th Century map of the literary home of Dracula!


Principaute de Transilvanie et Pays Circonvoisins.
  1784 (dated)     19 x 22.5 in (48.26 x 57.15 cm)     1 : 690000


This is a 1784 Paolo Santini map of Transylvania, or modern-day Romania. The map depicts the Principality of Transylvania, a semi-independent state ruled by Hungarian princes and parts of the Kingdom of Hungary, Moldavia (Moldavie), and Wallachia (Valaquie). It stretches from the Romanian city of Timisoara (Temesvar) to Moldavia and from the Kingdom of Hungary to Wallachia (Valaquie). Myriad cities and towns labeled, as well as several rivers. An elaborate title cartouche sits on the upper left surrounded by images of war. The Principality of Transylvania symbolized the survival of Hungarian statehood. Even though Hungary was ruled by the Habsburgs, the Principality represented Hungarian interests against this encroachment.

This map was produced by Paolo Santini and published by Giuseppe Antonio Remondini in Venice in 1784.


Francois [Francesco] Santini (fl. 1776 - 1784) was an Italian cartographer and map publisher based in Venice. Francois Santini is often confused with Paolo Santini, a Venetian engraver also known for religious prints and cartographic work. Scholarship is unclear whether these are related individuals, the same person, or completely unrelated. Both cartographers were active in roughly the same period and reissued maps of earlier French cartographers ranging from Vaugondy, to Jaillot, to De L'Isle, to D'Anville. Both cartographers also worked with the Venetian Remondini publishing house. Paolo was possibly an Abbot. Francois Santini seems to have worked extensively in Paris and is associated with several French cartographers of the late 18th century including Rigobert Bonne. His offices in Paris were located at Rue St. Justine pres de L'Eglise. In the 1780s Francois Santini published an atlas, the Remondini Atlas Universel, in conjunction with the Remondini family of Venice. The Library of Congress associates this work with Paolo Santini - leading to still more confusion. Learn More...


Very good. Original press mark visible. Blank on verso.


OCLC 956306262.