Aquiles Bemporat (1869 - September 22, 1957) was an Argentine-Italian cartographer and map publisher based in Buenos Aires. He was born in Trieste, Italy and emigrated to Buenos Aires sometime in the late 1870-80s, when he was a child. His firm, Oficina Cartogr√°fica Bemporat, was founded around 1910 and remained active until at least 1960. Bemporat himself is elusive, despite a significant publication corpus. His map c. 1915 map of Buenos Aires won a gold medal at the 1915 San Francisco Exposition Universal. A 1949 CIA analysis of his work suggested that most of the map compilation was done in house by Bemporat himself, then over 70, and printed locally by network of small independent printers. The CIA report ultimately dismissed his maps as 'insufficiently accurate for intelligence use.' Nonetheless, Bemporat's work was highly decorative and enjoyed a strong local and international following, particularly in Latin America and Europe. He was widely admired for his longevity and continued to publish until his death at age 88.

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