Augustus Dewey Phillips (May 6, 1898 - December 14, 1975), a.k.a. 'Gus', was an American artist, cartographer, and publisher. Born on Mount Desert Island, Maine, as a boy Augustus and his brother Luther Savage Phillips (1891 - 1960) helped their dad in a variety of odd jobs, including maintaining a boat rental business and harvesting and selling ice. Augustus graduated from Hebron Academy and then attended the University of Maine for a short time. After leaving university, Phillips became a Maine Guide and worked as a carpenter and draftsman in the South Portland and Boothbay Harbor ship and boat yards. The brothers traveled together widely throughout Maine. Luther went on to start a popular map and postcard business out of Northeast Harbor, Maine. After Luther died in 1960, Augustus took over the map businesses. In a tragic turn of events, in 1973 an out of control bush fire destroyed the Phillips studio and much of the surviving stock, making all Phillips' maps issued prior to that date rare. His passion for landscapes helped Augustus create his own map style. Augustus expanded the business and continued making new maps until he died in 1975. Augustus' son, Donald Beekman Phillips (1935 - 2009) continued the business after his father's death. Augustus married Mary Fletcher on April 26, 1922, with whom he had four children.

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