Union News Company (fl. c. 1890 - 1969) was founded by William Skelly in the late 1800's and operated until the late 1960s. After the railroads opened it became custom to have boys -newsboys- pass through the cars with waters, newspapers, and other small amenities. Skelly was the first newsboy on the railroad and became well known among railroad passengers. He gradually increased his facilities, hiring additional newsboys, until he virtually monopolized the railroad, and later steamship, news business. He made a small fortune and used this to found the Union News Company. The company was first known for the sales of newspapers in stations until it was able to expand and being selling papers on the train and in station restaurants. Union News continued to grow becoming major distributors of postcards and other printed items through their newsstands at hotels, rail and subway stations. The company officially folded in 1969.

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