National Publishing Company (1897 - 1902) was an American map publishing firm founded in Portland, Maine in 1897. The founders, brothers Walter C. Scarborough (June 4, 1862 - May 9, 1904) and Howard G. Scarborough (December 23, 1867 - June 10, 1905), were also proprietors of the Scarborough Company and the Dominion Publishing Company. The National Publishing Company was intended to be managed by Howard, with Walter serving as treasurer. By 1901, the firm had relocated to Boston, where it published and sold large scale brilliantly printed road maps. In 1902, the Scarborough brothers merged their three concerns into the Boston based Scarborough Company and opened an office in Indianapolis, Indiana. Walter and Howard died in 1904 and 1905, both from tuberculous, but the Scarborough Company continued, transferring its offices to Indianapolis. In 1913 it became the Scarborough Motor Guide Company (c. 1913 - c. 1933). It does not appear to be related to the more prominent general publisher of the same name based out of Philadelphia.

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