Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 1/25/2020.
1938 Showa 13 Japanese Propaganda Sugoroku Game and Map
A child's game propagandizing the might of the Imperial Japanese army on the even of World War II.

1939 Borough of Brooklyn City Map or Plan of Brooklyn w/ Manuscript Railroads
Highlights railroad routes throughout Brooklyn just before World War II.

1937 Osaka Asahi Shimbun 'Battle of Shanghai' Map of Shanghai, China
Map of Shanghai illustrating the situation in the city between the first and second phases of the Battle of Shanghai.

1870 Vuillemin Map or City Plan of Paris, France
A beautiful city map of Paris after Haussmannization.

1958 News Map of the Week Map of the World
Highlights the strength of foreign armies in continental Europe and the evolution of the Colt pistol.

1938 Fairmap Pictorial City Map or Plan of New York City
Illustrates famous sites around Manhattan in profile, including the Empire State Building and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

1950 Pictorial Tourist Map of Lebanon
A Charming 1950s Tourists' Guide to Lebanon

1920 Moro Map of Chaco Province, Argentina
A rare map of Chaco Province in northern Argentina which was published in Resistencia, the provincial capital.

1910 Matthews Northrup and Southern Pacific Climate Map of California
A climate map that highlights average temperatures throughout the state.

1868 Vaux and Olmstead's Layout Map of Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York
The first map of any parkway, anywhere - in this case Brookln's Eastern Parkway.

1910 Bisbal and Vassallo City Plan or Map of Madrid, Spain
A great city map of Madrid from the early 20th century.

1960 Book Enterprises Map of the Solar System
A map of our solar system including charts comparing the sizes of the planets and distances to the nearest stars.

1900 Harris Map of Southern Africa
An incredibly interesting map of southern Africa that names numerous African tribes.

1935 Ruth Taylor White Pictorial Map of the Philippines
An entertaining pictorial map of the Philippines.

1972 Amir Publishing Co. Pictorial Map of Haifa
An Attractive Pictorial Tourist's Map of the City of Haifa

1959 Bermuda Press Pictorial Map of Hamilton, Bermuda
Scarce pictorial represention of the Bermuda city of Hamilton.

1931 Bruce-Roberts Pictorial Map of Chicago 'Gangland'
Gangland Style! The greatest pictorial map of all time! Addressing socially, politically, and legally volitile issues!

1804 Direccion Hidrografica Nautical Chart or Map of the Virgin Islands
Rare early nautical chart of the Virgin Islands.

1890 Louis Gustave Binger Map of  the Cote d'Ivoire,  Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali and Guinea
A Monumental Catalogue of European Exploration in Mali and The Ivory Coast