Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 10/4/2023.
1917 Fuhr Propaganda Map, World War I Sugar Rationing
Requisitioning the sugar industry.

1598 Braun and Hogenberg Views of Venice, drawn firsthand by Joris Hoefnagel
Hoefnagel's Eyewitness Views of Venice.

1930 Varin View of the Post Office Building, Chicago, Illinois
One of the Grandest Structures of Pre-Fire Chicago.

1630 Willem Blaeu Map of Peru
State of the art of the mapping of Peru.

1925 Artworth Promotional View of Oceanside, Long Island, New York
Where Buildings Go, Profits Grow.

1930 Brickhouse Studios Pictorial Map of Massachusetts
From the Pilgrims to Powerboats.

1639 Merian Plan of the 1637 Siege of Leipzig
Leipzig Besieged AGAIN!

1944 Turner Map of East Asia and Central Pacific
WWII in the Pacific through October 1944.

1688 Rosaccio / Moretti Woodcut Map of Europe
Scarce Miniature Europe.

1845 Currier View of the Crash of the Steamboat Swallow
One of the Hudson River's Greatest Disasters.

1924 Poole and Union Pacific Map of Estes Park, Colorado
One of the great National Parks.

1942 Avey Pictorial Map of Arizona
Sunshine and Scenic Splendor.

1971 U.S. v. Henderson Court Martial Archive - My Lai Massacre
Most comprehensive record of the My Lai Massacre in private hands.

1945 U.S. Army 'Special Strike Map' Kyushu w/ Manuscript Flight Path of Nagasaki Bombing
Bockscar's in-flight navigation map of Nagasaki Bombing.

1851 McIntyre Wall Map of Newburyport, Massachusetts
Extremely Rare and Evocative Plan of Newburyport, Massachusetts.