Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 9/25/2022.
1845 'Ginormous' Civelli Wall / Case Map of Italy
One of the largest commercial maps we have seen.

1852 Walling Map of Andover, Massachusetts
Andover, educational Mecca.

1864 Bachelder / Tarr View of Worcester, Massachusetts
One of the first lithograph views produced from a photograph.

1747 Astley / Mead Map of Tibet
First Accurate English Map of Tibet.

1945 Bennett Pictorial Map of Luzon, Philippines
'Typical scenes witnessed on Luzon in the I Corps zone of action'.

1726 Strahlenberg Map of Asia during the Reign of Ghengis Khan
The Tatar Empire based on Tatar Sources.

1915 Downs Bird's-Eye View of Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Less than a year after the Cape Cod Canal opened.

1701 Wells Map of India and the East Indies
Asia of the 18th century.

1973 Millsap Pictorial Map of California
Yosemite to Candlestick Park and everything in between.

1863 Currier / Ives Print of the Siege of Charleston, U.S. Civil War
The costly battle for Charleston Harbor.

1864 Currier / Ives Print of the Battle of Atlanta, U.S. Civil War
The nail in the coffin of the Confederacy.

1720 Homann Map of Poland-Lithuania, the Baltic States
The shifting fortunes of empires in Eastern Europe.

1842 Lapie Map of the United States with the Republic of Texas
Includes the Republic of Texas.

1875 Meiji 8 Japanese Map of Bangkok, Thailand (Siam)
A mysterious Meiji Era Japanese visit to Bangkok.

1888 Curtis Real Estate Map of Buena Vista, Hancock County, Maine
Gilded Age planned summer community near Bar Harbor.

1925 Gray Map of Volusia County, Florida
Early state survey of Volusia County.

1640 Blaeu Map of the Duchy of Mantua, Lombardy
Mantua, Patron of the Arts.

1939 United Press Broadside Map of the World and Pictorial History
Documents the horrors of 1939 through photography.