Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 8/13/2020.
1750 Italian Zoological Print of an American Bison
The single greatest bovine image of all time.

1972 Millsap Pictorial Map of San Diego, California
A triumph of Fillmore design!

1973 Millsap Pictorial Map of California
Yosemite to Candlestick Park and everything in between.

1848 Flemming Map of the United States, Mexico, and Central America
Western United States just after the Mexican-American War.

1866 Hoffmann Map of the Sutro Tunnel and the Comstock Lode, Nevada
A 3-mile-long architectural wonder made for the Comstock Mines.

1780 Bellin Map of the Guinea Coast of Africa, from Guinea-Bissau to Angola
Embarkation Point of the Atlantic Slave Trade.

1939 Manning Pictorial Map of California
Something new every time you see it.

1780 Bellin Map of the Horn of Africa, Southern Arabia and the Gulf of Aden.
Equatorial eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean

1780 Bellin Map of South Africa and Mozambique
The African Coast from the Cape of Good Hope to Madagascar.

1940 LaCasse Pictorial Tourist Map of Western Montana
Outdoor adventure awaits!

1780 Bellin Map of the South-West Coast of Africa, Angola to Cape of Good Hope
Attractive Chart of Western South Africa and the Cape of Good Hope.

1780 Bellin Map of the West Coast of Africa, from Gibraltar to Guinea-Bissau
An Attractive Chart of Western Africa, the Canary Islands, and the Cape Verde Islands.

1904 KisaburĊ Ohara Satirical Octopus Map of Asia and Europe
Japanese anti-Russia propaganda 'Octopus Map' of Asia.

1920 Capranesi Propaganda Map of Italy for 6th National Loan
Reconstructing Italy after World War I

1719 Jaillot Map of North America - last edition!
California reattached! The important final state of Jaillot's classic map.

1945 Japanese Cyanotype Map of American Air Raids on Japan During WWII
American aerial bombings of Japan and speculation about a land invasion of the Home Islands.

1656 Sanson Map of China and Korea
Jesuit knowledge of the Chinese Interior.

1895 Stanford Map of Eastern South Africa
Imperial and colonial map darwn to plunder the mineral wealth.

1631 Jansson / Hondius Map of Africa
Classic Dutch Golden Age map of Continental Africa.

1945 First U.S. Army Map of Meeting Between U.S. and Red Armies in Germany
Commemorates the meeting the U.S. Army and the Soviet Red Army on Elbe Day.