1710 Rokashi Hotan First Japanese Buddhist Map of the World Showing Europe, America,  and Africa
Code: Nansenbushu2-rokashihotan-1710
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/rokashihotan.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/bundaikenuhei.txt
Condition: Very good. Minor unobtrusive wormholing with expert Japanese traditional repair. Some wear and discoloration on original fold lines. Else very clean.
Date: 1710 (dated)
Height: 45
Note: The first Japanese map of the world from a Buddhist cosmographical perspective - a seminal map.
References: Cortazzi, H., Isles of Gold: Antique Maps of Japan, p.38 and plate 48. Unno, K., Cartography in Japan, pp. 346-477. Yamashita Kzaumasa, Japanese Maps of the Edo Period, p.33. Nobuo Muroga, Kazutaka Unno, 'The Buddhist World Map in Japan and Its Contact with European Maps', Imago Mundi, Vol. 16 (1962), pp. 49-69. Ramming, M., 'The Evolution of Cartography in Japan', Imago Mundi, Vol. 2 (1937), pp. 17-21. National Library of Australia, MAP RM 3882. University of British Columbia, G3201.S2 1710 H6, G3201.S2 1710 H6a. Christie's, Natural History, Plate Books and Cartography, June 7, 2006, sale 7225, lot 94. Bean, G. H., A List of Japanese Maps of the Tokugawa Era, Jenkintown 1951, 1710.1 . Ramming, M., 'Remarks on the Reproduced Japanese Maps', Imago Mundi, Vol. 10 (1953), p. 128. Harley, J.B. and Woodward, D., The History of Cartography, vol. 2, p. 427-429, fig. 11.59. Rumsey 5763.001.
Tags: Hotan, Japanese, Buddhist, World, Rare
Title: Nansenbushu Bankoku Shoka No Zu (Outline Map of All Countries of the Universe)
Width: 56
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1761 Rhode Map of North America, Theater of the French and Indian War
Code: BelliinAmericaSeptentrionali-rhode-1761
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/rhode.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/bergerfriedrichgottlieb.txt
Condition: Very good. Two sheets. Blank on verso. Minor printer's crease, top right corner, left panel. Both panels bear Prussian levy stamps, as do all examples, along border. Measurement represents entire map, as if joined, not individual panels.
Date: 1761 (undated)
Drawer: 37
Height: 32
Note: The finest neutral perspective map of the Theater of the French and Indian War. Also, a lavishly engraved exemplar of German cartography under Frederick the Great.
References: Library of Congress, G3300 1755 .R5 Vault, 73696824. OCLC 494053904.
Scale: 1 : 3800000
Tags: Rhode, Berger, French and Indian War
Title: Theatrum belli in America Septentrionali. II. foliis comprehensum jussu Acad. Reg. Scient. et Eleg. Litt. exhibet I. C. Rhode Ac: Geogr. Berger, sculpsit berol.
Width: 23
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1688 Hennepin First Book and Map of North America (first printed map to name Louisiana)
Code: NieuwVrankryk-hennepin-1688
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/hennepin.txt
Condition: Very good. Book is complete but disbound. The map, all engravings, and the text of this book is in very good condition.
Date: 1788 (dated)
Height: 7.5
Note: The map and book that named Louisiana.
References: Henkels, S. V. , The Bibliographer's Manual of America History: F-L. nos. 1601-3103, #2247. Sabin, J., Biblioteca Americana. A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from its Discovery to the Present Time, #31357. Delanglez, J., Hennepin's Description of Louisiana: A Critical Essay.
Source: Hennepin, Louis, Beschryving van Louisania, nieuwelijks ontdekt ten Zuid-Westen van Nieuw-Vrankrik, door order van den Koning : met de kaart des landts, en een nauwkeurige verhandeling van de zeden en manieren van leeven der wilden door den Vader Lodewyk Hennepin..., 1688 (Jan Ten Hoorn, Dutch Edition).
Title: Kaart van Nieuw Vrankryk, en van Louisania Nieuwelyks Ontdekt
Width: 11.5
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1849 Colton Case Map of the United States (Texas at Fullest) (First Edition) (Gold Rush)
Code: UnitedStates-colton-1849
Price: $10,000.00
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/colton.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/atwood.txt
Condition: Very good, near fine example. Dissected and mounted on linen in 32 panels. Original linen.
Date: 1849 (dated)
Height: 33
Note: First edition of Colton's important 1849 map of the United States on the cusp of the Gold Rush. Shows Texas at its fullest extant with a northern stovepipe panhandle. Identifies gold region near Sacramento.
References: Rumsey 5535.001 (2nd edition) Boston Public Library, Leventhal Center, G3300 1849 .C65. New York Public Library, Map Div. 01-5133. OCLC : 47017064.
Scale: 1 : 6400000
Tags: Colton, Westward Migration, California Gold Rush, First Edition, Mexican American War, Republic of Texas, Atwood, Compromise of 1850, Texas
Title: Map of the United States of America, the British Provinces, Mexico, the West Indies, and Central America: with part of New Granada and Venezuela.
Width: 40
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1899 Panoramic View Map 'Route of the Mormon Pioneers'  (Utah, Iowa, Wyoming, Nebraska)
Code: MormonPioneers-millroyhayes-1899
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/millroyhayes.txt
Condition: Very good. Minor edge wear. Presentation copy on thick stock
Date: 1899 (dated)
Height: 14
Note: Extraordinary panorama showing the route of the Mormon Pioneers and the Westward Expansion.
Scale: 1 : 67905000
Tags: Westward Migration, Mormons, Millroy and Hayes, Great Salt Lake, Pioneers, View, Broadside, Americana
Title: Route of the Mormon Pioneers from Nauvoo to Great Salt Lake.
Width: 41.5
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1816 Carrigain Wall Map of New Hampshire
Code: NewHampshire-carrigain-1814
Price: $9,500.00
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/carrigain.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/merrill.txt
Condition: Very good condition. Map has been professionally restored, backed with fresh linen, and reattached to original rollers.
Date: 1816 (dated 1814)
Height: 60.5
Note: 'The Carrigain Map' is the most important American map of New Hampshire ever published.
References: Rumsey 2303.000. Stark, Mica B., 'The Making of the Carrigain Map of New Hampshire, 1803-1816,' in Historical New Hampshire, vol. 52, nos. 3 & 4 (Fall/Winter 1997), pp. 79-95.Bent, A. H., Bibliography of the White Mountains, 84. Cobb,D. H., New Hampshire Maps to 1900: An Annotated Checklist, #91. Ristow, W., American Maps and Mapmakers: Commercial Cartography in the Nineteenth Century, p. 96. Phillips (America) 479.
Title: New Hampshire by Recent Survey Made Under the Supreme Authority and Published according to Law by Philip Carrigain Consellor at Law and late Secretary of the State. / New Hampshire To his Excellency Jon Taylor Gilman Esq. and to the Honourable the Legislature of the State of New Hampshire this Map commenced under their Auspices and matured by their Patronage is most respectfully inscribed by their Obliged Servant Philip Carrigain.
Width: 46.5
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1796 Bowles One Sheet Map of New England
Code: NewEngland-bowlescarver-1796
Price: $9,500.00
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/bowles.txt
Condition: Very good. Original platemark visible. Blank on verso.
Date: 1796 (undated)
Height: 25.5
Note: A rare and important Post-Revolutionary War Era map of New England. One of the first maps to recognize Vermont as a state.
References: Tooley, R. V., The Mapping of America, (Stevens and Tree), 32f. McCorkle, B. B, New England in Early Printed Maps 1513 - 1800, #765.1. Library of Congress, G3720 178- .B6. Fite, Emerson David and Freeman, Archibald (eds.), A Book of Old Maps, Delineating American History from the Earliest Days down to the Close of the Revolutionary War, #60. Baynton-Williams, Ashley, Printed Maps of New England to 1780, (www.MapForum.com, issue no. 15), item #1765:01f. Cobb, 'Vermont Maps Prior to 1900,' Vermont History, vol. XXXIX no. 3-4 (1971), item #45.
Scale: 1 : 800000
Tags: Bowles, American Revolutionary War, Bowles and Carver, Vermont
Title: Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of New England; comprehending the Provinces of Massachusets Bay And New Hampshire; with the Colonies of Connecticut & Rhode Island; Divided into their Counties, Townships &c. Together with an Accurate Plan of the Town, Harbour and Environs of Boston.
Width: 20.5
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1752 De L'Isle Speculative Map of North America, the Arctic, and Siberia  (Sea of the West)
Code: DescouvertesdeAdmiraldeFonte-delisle-1752
Price: $9,500.00
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/delisle.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/bellin.txt
Condition: Very good. Original pressmark visible. Light overall toning. Blank on verso.
Date: 1752 (dated)
Height: 11
Note: Extremely rare, highly influential, and very important foundational map of the North Pacific showing Sea of the West and the apocryphal discoveries of Admiral de Fonte.
References: Kershaw, K. A., Early Printed Maps of Canada,, (vol 4), entries 1208 and 1209 (present state unrecorded). Wagner, H., Apocryphal Voyages to hte Northwest Coast of America, pgs. 29-38. Wagner, H., The Cartography of the Northwest Coast of America to the Year 1800, # 571 (copy of map inserted as plate XXXI between pgs. 158-159). Wheat, C. I., Mapping of the Transmississippi West, 1540 – 1861, vol. 1, map 131, p. 141 and 213 (Wheat uses Vaugondy example). OCLC 61556893. Tooley, R.V., Mapping of America, p. 35-36. Falk, M., Alaskan Maps, A Cartobibliography of Alaska to 1900, 1752-3. Howes, W., U.S.iana (1650-1950): A Selective Bibliography in which are Described 11,620 Uncommon and Siginficant Books Relating to the Continental Portion of the United States, D 244.
Scale: 1 : 850000
Source: Delisle, Joseph-Nicholas, Nouvelles Cartes des Decouvertes de l'Amiral de Fonte, Et autres Navigateurs Espagnols, Portugais, Anglois, Hollandois, Francois & Russes, dans les Mers Septentrionales, avec leur Explication : qui comprend, l'histoire des voyages, tant par terre que par mer, dans la partie septentrionale de la terre, les routes de navigation, (Paris) 1753.
Tags: Delisle, Buache, Sea of the West, Janvier, Admiral de Fonte, Martin d'Aguilar, Juan de Fuca, Northwest Passage, Muller Peninsula, Gama Land, Compagnie Land, Vitus Bering, Alexei Chirikov, Speculative Cartography, Cornelis Jansz Coen, Maerten de Vries
Title: Carte General Des Decouvertes De L'Amiral de Fonte Et autres Navigateurs Espagnols, Anglois, et Russes, pour la recherche du Passage a la Mer du Sud.
Width: 16
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1779 Phelippeaux Case Map of the United States during the Revolutionary War
Code: BritishColonies-phelippeaux-1779
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/phelippeaux.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/delatour.txt
Cartographer 3: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/esnautsrapilly.txt
Condition: Very good. Minor restoration to upper right corner.
Date: 1778 (dated)
Height: 20.5
Note: Rare Revolutionary War Era Case map of the United States.
References: McCorkle, B. B., New England in Early Printed Maps 1513 to 1800, #777.18. Sellers, J. R., and Van Ee, P. M., Maps and Charts of North America and the West Indies 1750-1789, #150-5.
Title: Carte Generale Des Colonies Angloises Dans L'Amerique Septentrionale.
Width: 31
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1784 Chodowiecki Cards Depicting the American Revolutionary War (12 Cards)
Code: AmericanRevolutionaryWarCards-chodowiecki-1784
Price: $8,000.00
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/chodowiecki.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/berger.txt
Condition: Very good. Mounted on 19th century (easily removable by a restorer) paper with French style manuscript borders. Individual cards exhibit some toning, else fine examples. Given size as depicted above.
Date: 1784 (dated)
Height: 18.5
Note: Among the first printed illustrated views of the American Revolutionary War.
References: Cresswell, D., The American Revolution in Drawings and Prints, p. 125, no. 343. Boston Athenum, Prints and Photographs, AA B64N48 Hi.(no.1). Exhibited in: 'Creating the United States' at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., 2011.
Source: Sprengel, Matthias C., Historisches Taschenbuch, (Leipzig: bey Haude & Berlin : von Spener) 1784. Also Issued Independently.
Tags: View, American Revolutionary War, Chodowiecki, Berger, British East India Company, Boston Tea Party, Battle of Lexington, Battle of Bunker Hill, Stamp Act, Second Continental Congress, Battle of Trenton, Evacuation Day
Title: [Scenes from events and battles leading up to and during the American Revolution, 1775-1783, as depicted in 12 illustrations] 
Width: 15.5
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1676 John Speed and Francis Lamb Map of New England and New York
Code: NewEnglandNewYork-johnspeed-1676
Price: $7,900.00
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/lamb.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/bassetchiswell.txt
Cartographer 3: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/speed.txt
Condition: Very good. Extremely minor older centerfold reinforcement to lower margin not affecting printed area. Plate mark visible. English text on verso.
Date: 1676 (undated)
Height: 15.5
Note: Only English map from the Jansson Visscher series. Map reveals the rapid Anglicization of the region following the 1665 British takeover of New Amsterdam / New York City.
References: Burden, P., The Mapping of North America II, #455. McCorkle, B. B, New England in Early Printed Maps 1513 - 1800, #676. New York Public Library, Map Div. 01-5126. Campbell, T., 'The Jansson-Visscher Maps of New England', The Mapping of America (Tooley, R. V.), no. 23.
Scale: 1 : 2250000
Source: Speed, John, Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World, (London: Bassett and Chiswell) 1676.
Tags: Speed, Lamb, Bassett and Chiswell, Colonial America, Lake Iroquois, Jansson-Visscher Series
Title: A Map of New England and New York.
Width: 19
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1884 Drew Pocket Map of Florida
Code: Florida-drew-1884
Price: $7,000.00
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/drew.txt
Condition: Very good. Minor discolorations along original fold lines. Professionally removed from binder (included) and flattened.
Date: 1884 (dated)
Height: 25
Note: The only 19th century pocket map of Florida actually published in Florida!
References: Rumsey, 5190.001 (1870 edition). Fitzgerald, 167 (1874 edition). Phillips, (maps) 285 (1874 edition). Library of Congress, Map Division, G3931.P3 1874 .D7 RR 195. Baxter, J. M., Tequesta - An Annotated Checklist of Florida Maps, p. 115.
Title: Drew's New Map of the State of Florida Showing the Townships by the U. S. Surveys, the Completed & Projected Railroads, the Diffferent Railroad Stations and Growing Railroad Towns. The New Towns on the Rivers and interior and the New Counties up to the Year 1884.
Width: 26
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