Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 1/28/2020.
1247 Huang Shang 'Dili Tu' Map of China - earliest Map of China!
The oldest survivng rubbing of the Dili Tu.

1247 Huang Shange 'Tianwen Tu' Chinese Celestial Map / Suzhou Planisphere
The oldest survivng rubbing of the Suzhou Planisphere.

1821 Purdy Map of Cabotia (New England and Canada)
A most important map of eastern Canada detailing British settlement and colonization in the early 19th century.

1844 Mitchell / Young Map of the United States w/ Republic of Texas
The only edition of Mitchell's Wall Map to include the Republic of Texas!

1853 Colton Case Map of the United States
Spectacular dissected wall map of the Untied State revealing a remarkable and ephemeral deportment of the Plains States.

1939 Earl Purdy PWA Pictorial Wall Map of the United States
Pictorial wall map celebrating the accomplishments of the New Deal PWA! … just in time for the 1940 election!

1957 First Bilingual Edition of the GSGS Map of Hong Kong
First bilingual map of Hong Kong!

1611 Jodocus Hondius Map of India, Southeast Asia and the Philippines
One of the Most Beautifully Engraved Early Maps of Southeast Asia

1895 Promotional Map of Compton Heights, Saint Louis, Missouri
One of the first planned communities in the United States!

1685 Frederick de Wit Map of Africa
One of the most iconic maps of Africa from the late Dutch Golden Age.

1921 William Bridges Hunter Map of Louisville, Kentucky
Superbly Detailed Map of Louisville, Kentucky

1942 Manuscript Map of Damascus, Syria During World War II
A one-of-a-kind manuscript map from the little researched Middle Eastern theater of World War II.

1676 John Speed County Map of Wiltshire, Depicting Stonehenge
Richly Decorative County Map with an Early Depiction of Stonehenge

1636 Hondius/ Jansson Map of Turkey and Cyprus in an Apparent Appendix Issue
A Likely Appendix Issue of a Richly Decorative Dutch Map of Asia Minor and Cyprus

1662 Joan Blaeu Map of Oxfordshire
A Sumptuous Example of the Classic Dutch Map of Oxfordshire, with the University's College Arms

1548 Gastaldi Map of the Indian Peninsula
The First Separate, Modern Map of India

1939 Cram Wall Map of Texas
A large, detailed, and up to date map of Texas on the eve of World War II.

1918 Poole Brothers Map of Nova Scotia and Dominion Atlantic Railway
Highlights a very popular tourist rail route in Nova Scotia popularized by a love for Longfellow's epic poem Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie.

1842 Greenleaf Map of the Republic of Texas
One of the Earliest and Best Depictions of the Republic of Texas