Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 5/31/2023.
1859 Daniel A. Jenks Drawing: Covered Wagons Camp Pine Grove Creek, Rocky Mountains, Wyoming
Covered wagons in the Rockies - on the overland trail.

1859 Sprent / Hogan Map of Tasmania, Australia
Greatest map of Tasmania - period.

1666 Frederick de Wit 'carte á figures' Map of America
Scarce, separately issued 'carte-á-figures' of America.

1656 Sanson Map of Canada and the Great Lakes
'The primary map of this period... influenced the cartography of Canada for the next fifty years.' - Kershaw

1804 Neele / Boisgelin Map of Malta and Gozo
The largest 19th century map of Malta - issued by an ex-Knight when the Order of St. John was nearly destroyed.

1770 Croisey Map of the South Indian Seat of War Between England and France
Rare, detailed map of the Theatre of the Carnatic Wars and the First Mysore War.

1595 Mercator's Two-Sheet Map of Scotland
Foundational map of Scotland.

1660 Frederick de Wit 'carte á figures' Map of Europe
Scarce, attractive decorative map.

1847 Emory Map of the American Southwest
'...the most important milestone in the cartographic development and accurate delineation of the Southwest.' - Carl Wheat

1734 Separately-issued Seutter Plan and View of Luxembourg City
Superb Plan of 'The Gibraltar of the North'.

1908 Garcia Meza Railroad Map of Bolivia
The Bolivian railroad boom.

1912 Tichnor Brothers Memorial View of the S.S. Titanic
Commemorating the Titanic Disaster.

1868 Edward Mendel Map Publishing Advertisement
Advertising the first lithographer in Chicago.

1945 Kroll Map Company Pictorial Map of Puget Sound, Washington, and Vancouver
Visually striking map of the Pacific Northwest.

1585 Mercator's Map of Germany
Advancing the map of Germany.

1897 Garcia Cubas Map of Zacatecas
Land of mines and mountains.

1897 Garcia Cubas Map of Tlaxcala
The 'Cradle of the Nation'.

1839 Bradford Map of New York City
A highly influential 19th century map of New York City.

1550 Sebastian Münster View of Belgrade
The Earliest Collectible Printed Image of Belgrade.