Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 12/13/2019.
1882 Tracy Temperance Broadside: the Mississipi of Intemperance
The rarest and most striking Temperance broadside.

1949 Gadbois and Ritter Cartoon Pictorial Map of the U.S.N.T.C. Great Lakes
A rare cartoon map of the U.S. Naval Training Center Great Lakes - today the U.S. Navy's largest training center - celebrating Christmas and New Years.

1913 Waterlow Map of South Africa, Rhodesia, and surroundign Territories
Extremely Rare, Large Map of South Africa

1896 Aece Hage Chromo View of Jerusalem - made in Boston by Arab immigrant
Strange Arabic- Boston imprint from first wave of Islamic immigration to the United States.

1844 Perrot Chart or Map of Weather Phenomena
The terrors of mother nature!

1900 Ottoman Broadside Diagram Summarizing Geology and Paleontology
Rare Ottoman Broadside Summarizing 19th Century Advances in Geology and Paleontology

1917 Neumont Propaganda Map of Europe During World War I
Everyone's favorite WWI cephalopod map monster, the Prussian Octopus!

1909 Osaka Mainichi Shimbun Map of the World w/flags
Japan asserting its position on the world stage.

1896 U.S. Hydrographic Office Map of World Submarine Cables
Presents the state of international communication via submarine cables.

1954 Baille Pictorial Map of the World Tracing Voyages of French Warships
Lionising the achievements of the French Navy!

1894 Rockhill Map of China, Tibet, and Mongolia
One of the first scientific surveys of eastern Tibet.

1782 Gauthey Map of Bourgogne (Burgundy Wine Region), France
Spectacular wall map of the Burgundy Wine Region, France.

1937 Heinz Pictorial Map of the World Tracing Famous Flights and Airlines
Celebrates aviation pioneers and their incredible accomplishments and traces the routes of early airlines.

1928 Gallup Map Company Map of United States Air Routes
Kansas City 'Nearest by Air to Everywhre.'

1943 Sturges Pictorial Map of Wellesley College
Scarce 1943 Bird's Eye View of Wellesley College

1869 Sheafer Map of Pennsylvania showing Railroads, Canals, Coal and Oil Fields
Rare Map Capturing Pennsylvania's 19th Century Industrial Boom

1910 War Office Map of Lebanon and Syria
Scarce British Military Map of Lebanon and Syria, with the Bookplate of a Virtually Unknown Map Dealer.

1882 Opper Satirical Cartoon Lampooning Gilded Age Republican Corruption
Puck Magazine Explodes 1881's Republican Corruption in this Gilded Age Cartoon

1936 Wallingford Map : A Bostonian's View of the United States
Iconic humorous map satirizing the stereotypical insular Bostonian.

1951 Liozu Pictorial Map of Asia
A fascinating pictorial map of the Middle East and Asia.