Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 7/7/2020.
1844 Emory Map of the Republic of Texas
The first scientific mapping of the entire region based on actual observation. - Martin and Martin

1903 Hiroshi Ōkura City Plan or Map of Taipei, Taiwan
One of the earliest maps of Taipei published during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan.

1937 Nichi Nichi Pictorial Map of China, Korea, Japan, Manchuria: Marco Polo Bridge
The Marco Polo Bridge Incident - What some consider the beginning of World War II.

1780 Bowles Map of the North Atlantic, Pacific Northwest, and Siberia w/  Proto-Alaska
A most glorious depiction of the speculative proto-Alaska Muller Peninsula.

1932 Showa 7 Murasaki City Plan or Map of Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei at the height of the Japanese colonial era.

1779 Jefferys / Le Rouge Map of St. Kitts and Nevis
Richly-detailed Surveys of St. Kitts and Nevis.

1780 Bellin Map of St. Christopher/ St. Kitts
Attractively Engraved Map of St. Christopher.

1777 Brion de La Tour Map of New York and New England (American Revolutionary War)
Essential Map Bringing the American Revolution to a French Audience.

1901 Stanford Map of the United States w/ Railroads for British Investors
How the dollar became the world's dominant currency.

1928 Japanese Navy Geological and Oil Map of Taiwan
Top Secret 'Epoch-Making' geological map of Taiwan.

1893 H. S. Crocker Map of California w/ Wine Making Vignette
One of the earliest depictions of California Wine Making on a map.

1876 Bauman Map of the North Pole
Follows explorers trapped on an ice floe!

1889 Bourgade Map of Paraguay
Best 19th century map of Paraguay.

1945 Billings and Arnaud City Plan or Map of Nice, France
R and R in the French Riviera.

1774 Cook Harbor Maps of the Endeavour River and Botany Bay in Australia
French Edition of the First Harbor Charts of the Endeavour River and Botany Bay.