Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 9/25/2022.
1710 Rokashi Hotan First Japanese Buddhist Map of the World
First Buddhist map of the world.

1859 Colton / Ondarza Folding Wall Map of Bolivia - a seminal map!
American published Bolivian National Map.

1730 Ottens Edition of Strahlenberg's First, Stolen Map of Russia
Strahlenberg's stolen 1715 map of Asiatic Russia and the Tatar Empire.

1655/ 1662 Martinus Martini/ Joan Blaeu Map of Peking
First European Atlas Map of the Beijing Region.

1732 Guillaume Danet Map of Asia - Separately issued
Richly-Decorative, Separately-Issued Map of Asia.

1897 Fichot Bird's-Eye View Map of Paris, France
A moment of change.

1872 Eldridge Blueback Nautical Chart / Map of the Chesapeake Bay
Largest 19th century commercial chart of the Chesapeake Bay.

1814 Ali Bey el Abbassi Map of Mecca, Arabia
Earliest accurate European map of Mecca.

1960s Chung-to Lo Relief Map of Hong Kong, China
Rare relief map of Hong Kong.

1832 Phelps Map of the United States
Identifies the Ouisconsin (Wisconsin) Territory before its official creation.

1794 Laurie and Whittle Broadsheet, The Glorious First of June
Defeating Napoleon's Navy in the War of the First Coalition (1772 - 1797).

1883 Wise View of 1862 Mass Execution of Sioux, U.S.-Dakota War
Grisly end to the Dakota War.

1862 U.S. Coast Survey Map of the Savannah River and Wassaw Sound
Issued for the Civil War - one of just two known examples.

1946 Dix Lawrence Pictorial Folklore Music Map of the United States
Visual celebration of American folk music.

1949 Mora Pictorial Map of Yosemite National Park, California
A comical and incredibly charming pictorial map of Yosemite National Park.

1865 Blunt Nautical Chart or Map of the Southeastern United States Coast
Privately published chart for Blockade Runners?

1902 Providence, Fall River and Newport Steamboat Co. Chart of Narragansett Bay
Promoting steamship travel in Narragansett Bay.

1595 Mercator Map of the Black Sea Coast of Russia
First atlas issue of Mercator's map of the lands of the Crimean Tatars.