Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 1/17/2017.
1867 Lindenkohl Map of Alaska - first map to name Akaska
The first map to name Alaska and the first specific published map of Alaska as American territory

1786 Tofino Nautical Chart or Map of Menorca or Minorca, Spain
Extremely rare and impressively large 18th century map of Menorca, Spain.

1853 Phillip Map of the Gold Feels of New South Wales, Australia
Gold Field map of Australia drawn for the 1851 Victoria Gold Rush.

1930 Osaka Mainichi Shinbun World Map Sugoroku
Graphically wonderful Japanese world aviation board game.

1952 Lucien Boucher Air France Pictorial Map of the World
One of Boucher's most remarkable mid-century modern promotional maps for Air France.

1920 Hammond Plan or Map of New York City
Issued to promote the Murray Hill and Plaza Hotels of New York City.

1748 Vaugondy Map of the County of Tyrol, Italy and Austria
Includes parts of Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein.

1749 Vaugondy Map of Poland
Poland before the partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

1748 Vaugondy Map of Prussia
Includes parts of Lithuania.

1749 Vaugondy Map of Hungary and Transylvania (Romania)
Includes parts of Slovakia, Serbia and Romania.

1748 Vaugondy Map of Inner Austria (Austria, Slovenia, Hungary)
Notes the Habsburg hereditary lands south of the Semmering Pass.

1748 Vaugondy Map of Bavaria and Salzburg, Germany
Includes the Archbishopric of Salzburg.

1749 Vaugondy Map of Swabia, Germany
18th century map depicting the Imperial Circles of the Holy Roman Empire.

1749 Vaugondy Map of Franconia, Germany
Historic district of Franconia.

1749 Vaugondy Map of Lower Saxony, Germany
Includes Berlin Lubeck, Hamburg, Hanover, and Bremen.

1749 Vaugondy Map of Southern Upper Saxony, Germany
Early map of northeast Germany.

1749 Vaugondy Map of Northern Upper Saxony, Germany
Northeast Germany and Northwest Poland.

1749 Vaugondy Map of Westphalia, Germany
18th century map of Westphalia, Germany.