Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 2/23/2017.
1849 Symonds Linen Map of Jerusalem (first scientific survey of Jerusalem)
The first scientific map of Jerusalem made during the Oriental Incident of 1840.

1840 Brué and Picquet Rosewood Map Cabinet w/12 maps
Beautifully crafted map cabinet for the gentleman's library.

1650 Schnitzer View Map of London, England (pre-Fire)
Only known example of Lucas Schnitzer's view of London before the Great Fire of 1666.

1650 Schnitzer View Map of Paris, France
Only known example of a stunning 17th century German view of Paris.

1853 Phillip Map of the Gold Fields of South Australia and Victoria
Gold Field map of Australia drawn for the 1851 Victoria Gold Rush.

1858 Direccion de Hidrografia Nautical Chart or Map of the Bahamas and Florida
Highly detailed Spanish issue nautical chart of Florida and the Bahamas.

1890 Stoddard Map of Lake George, New York
Rare orignal map of Lake George.

1749 Vaugondy Map of Abyssinia (Ethiopia), Sudan and the Red Sea
Notes the correct source of the Nile.

1799 George Thompson Map North America and South America
Only know example of George Thompson's 1799 broadside map of the Americas.

1825 Tanner Wall Map of North America
A landmark - a great cartographical achievement … -Wheat

1919 Hales and Melish Map of Boston and Vicinity
The first large scale trigonometric survey of the Boston vicinity since Des Barres.

1720 Cleric and Poilly Wall View and Map of Lyon, France
Remarkable original 1720 view of Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France.

1892 Rand McNally Map of New Zealand, Tasmania, and Fiji
Large beautiful map of New Zealand.

1867 Lindenkohl Map of Alaska - first map to name Akaska
The first map to name Alaska and the first specific published map of Alaska as American territory

1952 Lucien Boucher Air France Pictorial Map of the World
One of Boucher's most remarkable mid-century modern promotional maps for Air France.

1920 Hammond Plan or Map of New York City
Issued to promote the Murray Hill and Plaza Hotels of New York City.

1748 Vaugondy Map of the County of Tyrol, Italy and Austria
Includes parts of Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein.

1749 Vaugondy Map of Poland
Poland before the partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

1748 Vaugondy Map of Prussia
Includes parts of Lithuania.