Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 3/28/2017.
1901 Norcock Logbook for the HMS Glory, Flagship of the China Station, w/ maps of Singapore, Hong Ko
Remarkable log book recording the China Station flaship HMS Glory during and after the Boxer Rebellion 1900 - 1902.

1826 / 1677 Pendleton / Foster Map of New England
1826 Pendleton issue of John Foster's 1677 map of New England, the first map printed in the English Colonies of North America.

1819 Thomson Map of the United States [Franklinia]
Unique map of the United States that includes the 'forgotten' state of Franklinia.

1943 Manuscript Map of the United States from the Perspective of Texas
Unique manuscript map showing the United States from a Texan perspective in the spirit of Danel Wallingford

1917 Manuscript Political Cartoon of American-Mexican Relations
Unique manuscript political cartooon depicted Mexican-American relations c. 1917.

1840  S.D.U.K. Map of New York City
Scarce and beautiful map of New York City.

1646 Blaeu Map of the Bay of Genoa, Italy
Incredible old color 17th century map of Genoa and Liguria showing nearby Cinque Terre

1646 Blaeu Map of Liguria or the Republic of Genoa, Italy
Gorgeous old color 17th century map of Genoa and Liguria showing nearby Cinque Terre.

1646 Blaeu Map of Tuscany (Florence), Italy
Spectacular highly decorative old color 17th century map of Tuscany.

1646 Blaeu Map of Calabria, Italy
Beautiful old color 17th century map of Calabria.

1897 Koetteritz Map of Herkimer County, New York
Rare county map of New York featuring the Erie Canal.

1819 Thomson Map of North America
Map of North America that predates the Louisiana Purchase.

1865 Johnson Map of England and Wales
Attractive large format folio map of England and Wales.

1785 Nagakubo Sekisui Map of Qing China (enormous)
Enormous map of China identifying roads and bridges. Shows early Chinese claim to Senkaku / Diaoyu Islands .

1904 Japanese Map of Korea and China issued during the Russo-Japanese War
Important map illustrating the opening of the Russo-Japanese War.

1899 Fort Dearborn Pocket Map of the Philippines
Rare map of the Philippines issued at the outset of the Philippine-American War.

1945 U.S. Army Map of the Philippine Campaign
Interesting thematic map illustrating the events of the WWII Philippines Campaign of 1945.

1875 Meiji 8 Japanese Map of Luzon, the Philippines
Rare 19th Century Japanese Map of Luzon, the Philippines.

1945 Showa 20 World War II Japanese Wall Map of the World
The largest Japanese map of the world issued before the end of World War II

1888 Blair Temperance Saloon Map of New York City
Blair's remarkable 19th century Temperance Movement map of New York City.