Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 10/16/2019.
1574 Munster / Ptolemy Map of Ceylon, Sri Lanka, or Tapobrana
The legendary island of Tapobrana!

1930 Robinson Map of New Guniea under Australian Mandate
The finest colonial-era map of Australian administered New Guinea.

1931 Bertha Ballou Pictorial Map of Washington State
A wonderful pictorial map of Washington State created by a celebrated woman artist.

1943 Chapin Pictorial Map of the Pacific Fortified Positions During World War II
Makes an effort at preparing the American people for a long, bloody war in the Pacific against Japan.

1981 Syed and Survey of Pakistan Map of Sindh Province, Pakistan
A detailed map of Sindh Province in Pakistan, a province which borders India.

1963 Wright and Fischer Pictorial Map of Oklahoma Civil War Sites
Highlights the events of the American Civil War in Oklahoma, then known as the Indian Territory.

1934 Harkins Cyanotype Print of 1851 Walling City Map or Plan of Bath, Maine
A rare cyanotype print of a rare 19th century city plan of Bath, Maine.

1892 U.S.C.G.S. Nautical Chart of the Penobscot River and Belfast Bay, Maine
Depicts the Penobscot River from Belfast to Bangor.

1902 U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Nautical Chart of West Penobscot Bay, Maine
Illustrates West Penobscot Bay near Camden, Maine.

1749 Kitchin map of Hertfordshire
Detailed Map of a County Famed for its Barley and Beer

1942 Manuscript Map of WWII Mandera Evacuation Camp for Italian POWs
A manuscript map of a POW camp for Italian prisoners in East Africa during World War II.

1725 Mansucript Plan / Map of Mahé, Malabar, India
Manuscript map recording the betrayal and recaputre of a French fort in Malabar by an Indian pirate-king.

1852 Clérot Universal Human History Timeline Chart
COSMORAMA! A hsitory of the world in the flow of time!

1856 Norie Map of the Andaman Islands, South Burma, and Thailand's West Coast
Extremely rare British nautical chart of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Burma and Phuket.

1979 Suren Yeremian Map of the Kingdom of Greater Armenia in the 4th Century
Illustrates the realm of the Arsacid Dynasty, an Armenian kingdom that occupied most of the Armenian Highlands.

1980 Suren Yeremian Map of the Ancient Armenian Kingdom of Urartu
An extremely important Armenian language map of the ancient Armenian Kingdom of Urartu.

1775  Jefferys Map of Early British Settlement in Central America
Scarce 1775 English Map Prefiguring A British Colonial Presence in Central America.

1850 Basset Chart of the Flags of Nations
A vexillogical chromolithograph delight!

1945 Japanese Cyanotype WWII Map of the Philippines
Unique cyanotype / blueprint map of the Philippines.

1929 Waterlow and Sons Map of the Ancient Sites of Iraq
A rare map of Iraq tracing the country's many ancient sites from Babylonia and Assyria.