Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 5/24/2018.
1609 Mercator and Hondius Map of Ceylon or Sri Lanka
A map of Sri Lanka during the time of Portuguese rule.

1887 Colton Railroad Map of the Western United States
A detailed map that was prepared for the United States Pacific Railway Commission.

1635 Merian View of Lisbon (Lisboa), Portugal
A view of Lisbon before the devastating earthquake of 1755 which destroyed almost the entire city.

1900 Deasy Map of Tibet and Xinjiang, China
Illustrates the first thorough survey by a Western explorer of part of Tibet and Xinjian, China.

1847 U.S. Coast Survey Map of Holmes' Hole, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
A scarce nautical chart of Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard.

1846 Bradford Map of Georgia
Depicts several rail lines in Georgia that were operating in the 1840s.

1846 Bradford Map of Illinois
Depicts the Illinois and Michigan Canal which helped establish Chicago as a transportation hub before railroads became the dominant form of transportation.

1846 Bradford Map of Indiana
Illustrates the Wabash and Erie Canal - the longest fabricated structure in the United States.

1846 Bradford Map of Tennessee
Includes a railroad from Asheville, North Carolina to Knoxville, Tennessee.

1900 Pearce Map of Malawi and Mozambique (British Central Africa Protectorate)
A first-hand accounting of a 'hitherto blank piece of country' created in the early 20th century.

1899 Bolland Map of the Bermejo River, Argentina
An early map of the Bermejo River by Captain Henry Bolland - an expert on the navigation of South American rivers.

1900 Royal Geographical Society Map of the Strachey Bros. Treks in Tibet
Illustrates early British expeditions into Tibet - which foreigners were then forbidden to enter.

1851 U.S. Coast Survey Chart or Map of the Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana
Nautical chart of the Mississippi River Delta.

1851 U.S.C.S. Chart or Map of the Edisto Rivers, South Carolina (Charleston)
Triangulation chart of part of South Carolina's coast near Charleston.

1851 U.S. Coast Survey Chart or Map of Mosquito (Ponce de Leon) Inlet, Florida
Coast Survey chart of Ponce de Leon Inlet in Florida - formerly known as Mosquito Inlet.

1851 U.S. Coast Survey Chart or Map of Mare Island Strait, California
Beautiful nautical chart detailing part of the San Francisco Bay Area.

1943 Owens and Minneapolis Morning Tribune Map of Fortress Europe
Two months before the Allied victory in North Africa, thoughts of invading Europe are still on everyone's mind.

1943 Owens Map of the Possible Allied Invasion of the Balkans
Details the presumed Allied invasion of the Balkans - printed one day before the actual invasion of Sicily.

1943 Wisner Map of Russian Counteroffensive After Victory at Stalingrad
Provides an incredible visual summary of combat on the Eastern Front through the beginning of May 1943.

1900 British South Africa Company Map of a Rail Line in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)
Illustrates the rail line constructed by the colonial British in modern-day Zimbabwe in the hopes of exporting large quantities of gold.