Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 6/16/2024.
1740 Seutter / Lotter Map of Mexico, Louisiana, Florida, the Caribbean
War and Privateering in the West Indies.

1715 Renard Map of the World on a Polar Projection
Hercules holding up the world.

1550 / 1598 Munster Woodcut View of Venice
One of the Earliest Acquirable Views of Venice.

1928 Regional Plan of New York City, Tri-State Region Highways
Planning New York City's Highway System.

1954 Dicus Pictorial Historical Map of California
Mid-Century Pictorial Map of the Golden State.

1704 Mortier / Blaeu View of Gaeta, Italy
Seaside Resort and Final Resting Place of Roman Elites.

1857 - 1927 Wuppermann Archive of German Immigrant Family in Texas w/Slavery Content
German Immigration to Texas - slavery content.

1856 Colton 'Embellished' Wall Map of the World
'One of the great American World Wall maps of the period.' - Rumsey.

1700 François Halma Map of America
Baroque Masterpiece in the Mapping of America.

1972 Polish Multilingual Map of Poland and Battles Against the Nazis During WWII
Anti-Nazi, Pro-Soviet Propaganda in Poland.

1971 Polish Multilingual Map of Nazi Crimes in the Voivodeship of Krakow
Published by Krakow's Committee for the Protection of Monuments of Struggle and Martyrdom.

1900 Service Geographique de l'Armee City Map of Beijing / Peking, China
Created by the French Service Géographique de l'Armée for French forces being sent to China to put down the Boxer Rebellion.

1919 Japanese Propaganda Map of WWI and Russo-Japanese War - on Scroll
Celebrating Japan's rise as a global power.

1935 Iconic Denoyer-Geppert Post-Prohibition Anti-Alcohol Educational Poster
You don't drink paint - so why drink beer and wine?

1720 Neal Map of New England
Best map of New England to date.