Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 9/29/2020.
1935 Linscott Pictorial Map of Maine
Highlights the natural wonders of the State of Maine - including Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island.

1934 Jo Mora Pictorial Map of El Salvador
A charming pictorial map of part of El Salvador between La Libertad and San Salvador.

1866 Bachmann Chromolithograph View of New York City w/Elysian Fields
Unusual fisheye view of New York with early Baseball imagery in the Elysian Fields.

1886 Edmonds 'First Transcontinental Railroad Map' of Canada / Canadian Pacific
The foundation of Canadian coast-to-coast sovereignty!

1779 Le Rouge American Revolutionary War Map of the Virgin Islands
Prepared for French participation in the American Revolutionary War.

1893 Wade and Villard Hunting Map of Shanghai and its Environs
An iconic Shanghai hunting map.

1915 British War Office of Iran and Iraq
Updated and Revised for the Use of Officers in the Field.

1842 Allen Case Map of Afghanistan issued for the First Anglo-Afghan War
The Theatre of the Anglo-Afghan Wars.

1930 Whitney-Graham Railroad Map of the Northeastern United States
Courting industrial development along the Erie Railroad trunk line.

1872 Hewitt Map of the World showing Coffee Production
The first American map about Coffee!

1946 Friendship Press Pictorial Map of India - PROOF STATE
Proof state of a rare pictorial wall map of India.

1922 George Philip Vexillology or Flag Chart for 'All Nations'
Spectacular flag chart reflecting the apex of the British Empire.

1943 Burn Pictorial Map of Sicily Celebrating the Allied Victory
Created by a veteran of the Sicily Campaign.

1943 Allied Force Headquarters Road Map of Sicily
Likely published in the months leading up to the Allied invasion of Sicily.

1818 Hall Map of the Yangtze River, China, and the Amherst Embassy
Comments on the region's wild birds and the porpoises seen in the river.

1921 Crow City Map or Plan of City of Victoria, Hong Kong
Intriguing city map or plan of Victoria, Hong Kong, the de facto capital during the British colonial period.

1785 Zatta Map of Paraguay and the Neighboring Countries
A beautiful example with unusual detail.

1904 Mexican Central Railway Railroad Tourist Map of Mexico
A railroad map of Mexico and connections t o American railroads created for American tourists.

1906 Hassmann Political Cartoon Deriding Economic Inequality
Is centralized wealth a threat to the middle class?