Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 1/25/2022.
1955 Farrell Pictorial Map of Newburyport, Massachusetts
Famous residences around Newburyport.

1955 Survey Department Map of Malay Peninsula, Malaysia, Singapore
A map of Malaya on the eve of independence.

1905 Brooklyn Daily Eagle Map of Hawaii and Puerto Rico
Two maps of America's imperial acquisitions, soon after the Spanish-American War.

1565 Antonio Lafreri Map of Malta Depicting The Famous Siege
Contemporaneous Depiction of the Most Celebrated Battle in 16th Century Europe.

1830 Perrot Comparative Charts of the World's Men and Women
Comparative charts illustrating traditional dress.

1923 Holt Map of Jordan and Syria and Parts of Iraq, and Israel / Palestine
Surveying for the never-built Haifa-Baghdad railroad.

1873 Gilpin Geological Map of North America Mountain Systems
Gilpin's strange climate theories.

1938 Map of the Battle of Hankou (Wuhan), China; Second Sino-Japanese War, World War II
One of the most consequential battles of the Second Sino-Japanese War.

1960 Survey Department of Malaya Map of George Town, Penang
George Town in the early days of independence.

1987 Ayriss and Lewis Pictorial Literary Map of Los Angeles, California
The haunts and hangouts of world famous authors around Los Angeles.

1895 Miyako Shinbun Map of Taiwan, First Sino-Japanese War
News of colonial conquest, distributed to the masses.

1920 City Plan or Map of Mosul, Iraq in Arabic
The ancient city of Mosul - includes the Great Mosque of al-Nuri, which was destroyed by ISIL in 2017.

1895 Kurz and Allison Portrait of Abraham Lincoln
Large and stirring portrait of Lincoln.

1882 Howe Bird's-Eye View of the Point of Pines, Revere, Massachusetts
Revere Beach - the largest resort hotel on the New England coast.

1914 Southern Pacific Railroad City Map or Plan of San Francisco, California
The Southern Pacific Railroad's to the Panama-Pacific Exposition!

1975 Vietnamese Ministry of Education Wall Map of Vietnam during the August Revolution
Ho Chi Minh's declaration of Vietnamese independence.

1797 Laurie and Whittle Map of the Bay of Bengal
Exceptional East India Trade nautical chart.