Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 8/10/2022.
1794 Carey / Lewis Map of Canada
Britain's rump North American colonies.

1937 Shope Pictorial Map of Montana
Montana's frontier history.

1831 Dower / Teesdale Map of the Eastern Hemisphere
A beautiful map of the Eastern Hemisphere.

1950 National Survey Company Map of Mount Desert Island, Maine
'Rusticators' become 'Tourists'.

1970 Pictorial Tourist Map of Florida
Highlights Florida's state parks and historic memorials.

1874 Holmes Map of the Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York City
Extraordinary early map of the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

1878 Assa Castel Branco Map of Goa, India
Goan economic revival.

1883 Comissão Map of the Congo River: Capelo-Ivens Expedition
The forgotten Portuguese explorers of Africa's interior.

1757 Covens and Mortier Map of Southeast Asia and the Spice Islands
Cutting-edge French Cartography, fine Dutch printing.

1595 Mercator Map of Ireland
Ireland during the Nine Years' War.

1639 Lasne Map of Roussillon and the Siege of Salses-le-Château
Possibly one-of-a-kind map of a Siege Campaign in the Franco-Spanish War.

1696 Coronelli Map of Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean
Central America for the Finest Globe of the 17th Century.

1910 Vini Spumanti Ajmar Art Nouveau World Map Wine Advertising Broadside
Striking Art Nouveau wine advertisement.

1684 Cantelli / De Rossi Map of the Ukraine and Crimea
The Crimea and Caucasus of the 17th century.

1890 Bacon Map of Brighton, England
'Oh, Brighton! Brighton! What a place thou art for love, liberty, and salt water.' - Jane Austen

1850 Korean Map of Chungcheong Province, Korea
Korea's rural heartland.