Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 12/12/2017.
1888 Burgheim Map of Cincinnati, Ohio
One of the largest and most beautiful map of Cincinnati, printed in Cincinnati, to appear in the 19th century.

1959 Bayle Transports Aeriens Intercontinentaux Route World Map
Delightfully illustrated airline route map!

1770 Seven Years’ War Manuscript Map of Dunkirk, France
Exceptional manuscript map of Dunkirk!

1939 Le Petit Parisien Map of the World during World War II
Features inset maps of eight critical naval bases!

1949 Turner Pictorial Map of the Gaspé Peninsula (Gaspésie), Canada
Includes possible hunting ranges for native animals - including bears and caribou!

1705 Delisle Map of East Asia (India, China, East Indies, Korea, Japan)
Exceptional map of Asia showing both East Sea and Sea of Korea.

1896 Walter Watson Map of the Berkshires, Massachusetts
Created for the Berkshire Life Insurance Company!

1932 French Service Hydrographique Chaprt and Map of the Virgin Islands
Uncommon French nautical chart of the Virgin Islands.

1838 Carless Map of Karachi City and Harbor - the first map of Karachi!
The first surveyed map of Karachi, Pakistan, issued by the East India Company exploratory mission to Sinde in preparation for the February 1839 occupation.

1949 Larmat Viticulture Wine Map of Alsace, France
Wonderful decorative map of the French Alsace Wine Region, home of superb Rieslings and highly aromatic Gewürztraminer wines!

1945 Victor and Bate Fairy Tale Nursery Rhyme Map
Follow Jimmy and Sally through Mother Goose Land, where they meet Humpty-Dumpty, Little Bo Peep and more!

1939 Le Petit Parisien Map of the World during World War II
The world on the bring of Chaos!

1868 Admiralty Nautical Map or Chart of Russian Manchuria
A very scarce Admiralty nautical chart depicting Siberia not far from Vladivostok!

1868 Keio 4 Morookaya Ihei Edo Period Map of Yokohama, Japan
Rare Edo Era map of Yokohama showing international activity.

1802 Bradley Map of the Northern United States and Northwest Ordinance
One of the earliest American maps to extend to the Mississippi. Illustrates early postal routes and the Connecticut Western Reserve.

1811 Russell Map of the United States
Early map of the United States illustrating various land speculation companies in the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys.

1950 Foldex Official Route Map of the Tour de France Cycling Race
Incredible map with several advertisements geared toward cyclists!

1811 Russell Map of Canada
The Mackenzie and Coppermine river systems illustrated with impressive detail!

1892 U.S. Government Map of Wheat Production in Washington State
Thematic agricultural map detailing wheat growing regions in Washington State.