Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 8/20/2019.
1950 Hagstrom Map of Midtown Manhattan Theaters, New York City
Highlights Manhattan's many theatres, including the New Amsterdam and Lyric Theatres, as well as the newly-constructed United Nations Headquarters.

1794 Laurie and Whittle Map of Turkey, Cyprus, and the Middle East
Labels numerous cities, including Constantinople, Baghdad, and Alexandria.

1929 Eighth Avenue Assn. Pictorial Map of Eighth Avenue, Manhattan, NYC
Features illustrations of Madison Square Garden and the American Museum of Natural History.

1938 Sundberg Pictorial Map of Fighting Between in East Asia Before WWII
Ilustrates the 'war situation' in East Asia just before the outbreak of WWII.

1950 El Firmamento City Map or Plan of Madrid, Spain
A city plan of Madrid featuring advertisements for well-known Spanish sherry and brandy.

1990 Government of the Bahamas Pictorial Map of the Bahamas
A brilliantly colored pictorial map that exudes the feeling of tropical paradise.

1892 Mingjei Liu Humorous Woodlblock Map of China - first Chinese commercial map
The first Chinese designed and issued commercial map.

1912 Burrard Survey of India Large-Format Map of Calcutta / Kolkata
Rare administrative map of Calcutta / Kolkata by the Survey of India.

1921 General Land Office Map of Colorado
Scarce official map of Colorado published by the GLO.

1774 Cook Map of New South Wales, Australia
The first map of New South Wales Australia!

1867 Vaux and Olmstead Map of Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, New York
Vaux and Olmstead's 1867 redesign of Fort Green Park, Brooklyn

1947 Estra Clark Pictorial Map of York, England
Finely executed pictorial map illustrating Mediaeval York.

1690 De Wit Map of the British Isles:  England, Scotland, Ireland
Dutch Golden Age map of the British Isles.

1911 McCorquodale Railroad Map of England and Wales
Stunningly engraved railorad map of England and Wales.

1949 PORAM Map of Mallorca / Majorca, Spain
Attractive mid-century toursit map of the Balearic Island of Mallorca or Majorca.

1773 Hawkesworth  Map of Captain Cook's First Voyage in the Paciifc
The first official map of Cook's first voyage - the best map of the Australia, the South Pacific, and New Zealand of it time.

1788 / c. 1920 Goerck Map of Soho, Manhattan, New York City
A facsimile of one of the first attempts to impose a street grid on Manhattan Island.

1644 Jansson Map of Brazil during Dutch-Portuguese Wars
Illustrates Brazil during the ill fated Dutch attempt to wrest Brazil from Portuguese control.

1940 Clason Map or Plan of Chicago, Illinois (Magnificent Mile, Loop)
Beautiful pictorial map depicting downtown Chicago, the Loop District and the Magnificent Mile.

1950 Wijga Ethographic and Wildlife Pictorial Map of the World
A beautiful pictorial summary of life on Earth.