Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 10/17/2021.
1933 Haley / Hetherington Pictorial Map of Rhode Island and Massachusetts
Narragansett Bay, Buzzard's Bay, and Martha's Vineyard.

1866 Dockham Map of Essex County, Massachusetts
Includes Cape Ann and Marblehead.

1943 or Showa 18 WWII Japanese Map of the Malay Peninsula w/ Singapore
Japanese World War II map of Malay and Singapore.

1929 James River Bridge Corp View of the Chesapeake Bay Entrance
The longest bridge in the world...

1934 Kenneth Morang Pictorial Map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts
A charming Art Deco style pictorial map of Cape Cod.

1861 Johnson Map of Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico
When Cuba was a haven for Confederate Blockade Runners.

1898 Ortega Paredes City Plan or Map of Valencia, Spain
Valencia published in Valencia!

1907 - 1910 General Walshe British India / Peshwar / Burma Spy Archive
Unique first person espionage archive of the Great Game.

1696 Pierre Mortier Polar Projection Map on Two Hemispheres
Composite of French Cartography And Dutch Decorative Engraving.

1638 Merian View of Paris, France
First plate of the elder Merian's self-referential panorama of Paris.

1936 Showa 11 Administrative Map of Taipei District, Taiwan w/ manuscript
Definitive occupation-era administrative map of the Taipei area.

1871 Robinson View of Swampscott, Massachusetts
Unusual early locally produced view of Swampscott, Massachusetts.

1688 / 1697 Coronelli Globe Gore: Grand Banks, Azores, and Cape Verde Islands
The Atlantic Islands, Real and Imagined, from the Finest Printed Globe of the 17th Century.

1886 Silas Farmer Map of Woodmere Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan
Final resting place for the founders of Buick, Cadillac, and Lincoln.

1955 Steimatsky Pictorial Map of Jerusalem
Jerusalem under the Armistice.

1862 Harpers Weekly View of Washington D.C. and Vicinity
Protecting Washington, D.C. against a potential Confederate attack.

1823 Atkinson Nautical Chart of the Entrance to Portsmouth Harbor, England
Entrance to Portsmouth Harbor, England.