Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 7/8/2020.
1789 Schraembl / Anville Map of the Coromandel Coast, India (2 sheets)
The Anglo-French rivalry over Coromandel.

1841 Artaria City Plan or Map of Ancient Pompeii, Italy
One of the world's greatest archeological treasures!

1918 Royal Geographical Society Railroad Map of Rwanda and Burundi
Highlights German plans to build railroads in East Africa during World War I.

1916 Royal Geographical Society Map of Bolivia and Peru
The contentious borders between Bolivia and Peru.

1916 Evans Ethnographic Map of Yugoslavia Published During World War I
Details the ethnic tensions that resulted in World War I.

1866 Daddow Map of United States Coal Fields
Highlights coal deposits across the U.S.

1647 Dudley Map of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida - first printed nautical chart of those waters
The first printed nautical chart of the Gulf of Mexico!

1662 Jansson and Hornius Map of the Holy Land, Israel, and Palestine
Arguably, the finest 17th century large-scale map of the Holy Land.

1824 Tanner Map of Ohio and Indiana
Rare Transitional State Chronicling the Aftermath of the 1818 Delaware's Cession.

1788 Schräembl/ Rennell map of India
Exceptional map from the First and Finest Austrian Atlas.

1823 Tanner Map of Pennsylvania and New Jersey
First state of this rare, important map.

1820 Royal Danish Nautical Charts Archive Nautical Chart of the Kattegat
A working nautical chart of the Kattegat - the strait between Denmark and Sweden.

1945 Anderson and Clement Railroad Map of the Northeastern United States
Details the railroad networks of the Boston and Maine Railroad and the Maine Central Railroad.

1635 Blaeu Map of Central Africa - Kingdom of Prester John
The Mythical Kingdom of Prester John, in a Superb Example with a Bold Strike.

1757 Bellin Map of the United States
An important map illustrating the Mississippi Valley during the French and Indian War.

1944 Morale Services Division Newsmap Map of Southeast Asia
Created as an educational piece for American personnel serving overseas during World War II.

1936 Tower Pictorial Map of Barnegat Bay, Jersey Shore, New Jersey
A pictorial map of the Jersey Shore!

1707 Jonathan Dickinson Map of Florida, Carolina, Virginia and Cuba
Superb map relating to a seminal 'Captivity Tract.'

1823 Tanner Map of Kentucky and Tennessee
A rare state of H.S. Tanner's superb map of Kentucky and Tennessee.