Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 8/16/2018.
1861 Mitchell Map of Ohio and Indiana
Depicts both the Wabash and Erie Canal and the Miami and Erie Canal.

1861 Mitchell Map of Michigan and Wisconsin
Illustrates the ever-expanding rail network in the region.

1861 Mitchell Map of Florida and South Carolina
Includes an inset map of Charleston, South Carolina that labels Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the American Civil War were fired on April 12, 1861.

1861 Mitchell Map of the World on Mercator Projection
An overarching visual presentation of the state of world exploration at the beginning of the 1860s by tracing the routes of major exploration expeditions, while also illustrating the lack of knowledge with regard to the interior of Africa and the coast of Antarctica.

1861 Mitchell Map of Kentucky and Tennessee
Two states that fought on opposite sides of the American Civil War on the eve of the outbreak of the conflagration.

1892 Rand McNally Map of Brazil and Guiana
Published soon after Brazil was declared a Republic.

1737 D'Anville Map of Korea - first speciffic European map of Korea
The first map to provide Europeans with information about Korea.

1665 Kircher Map of the Interior of the World w/Volcanic and Water Systems
The most complete illustration of Kircher's revolutionary hydro-geographic theories.

1665 Kircher Map of the Interior of the World w/Volcanic Systems
The Italian polymath Kircher's iconic map of the Earth's Volcanic Systems.

1732 Danet Separate-Issue Map of Asia
Rare separate issue map of Asia with interesting Kamtschatka content.

1940 Showa 15 Japanese Youth Manga Map of East Asia and Southeast Asia
Fascinating manga map revealing Japanese ambitions prior to World War II.

1871 Manuscript Map Illustrating the American Indian Tribes of Canada
Unusual ethographic map in mansucript.

1815 Blankensteiner Blueback Nautical Chart or Map: Helsinki to St. Petersburg
Extemely rare nautical chart illustrating routes to St. Petersburg, Russia.

1655 Merian Map of Coast of Brazil and View of Olinda and Recife, Brazil
Exquisitely detailed map and view of Recife, Brazil.

1667 Kircher Map of Asia
An important map that helped ignite European interest in China during the 17th century.

1861 Mitchell Map of Texas
Illustrates the Young Territory and Bexar Territory, two early counties in West Texas.

1873 Admiralty Nautical Chart of Maritime Map of the West Coast of England
Depicts the Western Coast of England from the Lake District to Blackpool, a seaside resort town.

1861 Mitchell Map of California
Mitchell's map of California with inset of the Great Salt Lake.

1861 Mitchell Map of the United States
Depicts the ephemeral Confederate Arizona Territory and is one of the first maps to illustrate Colorado.

1850 Norie Blueblack Chart or Map of American Coast: New York to Florida
Extraordinary and rare blueback nautical chart of the East Coast.