Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 1/25/2021.
1869 Direccion Hidrografía Map of South China Sea - Hong Kong to Hainan
The South China Sea - then as now, an important and strategic artery.

1891 Bancroft Pocket Map of San Francisco, California
The finest cartographic record of San Francisco's most formative period.

1877 Eldridge Nautical Chart or Map of Buzzard Bay, Massachusetts
Early edition of Eldridge's chart of Buzzard Bay.

1945 Survey of Egypt City Plan or Map of Cairo, Egypt
Where British soldiers in Cairo could (and not) go in 1945.

1957 B.O.A.C. and Chanrai City Plan or Map of Singapore
A perfect map for a tourist in Singapore in the late 1950s.

1899 William Fox Map of the Catskill Mountains
First State map of the Catskill Forest Preserve.

1854 Hidrografica Nautical Chart of Map of Cuba
Scarce Spanish nautical chart of Cuba.

1866 Case Map of the Southern United States during the American Civil War
One of the largest obtainable maps of the Confederacy.

1939 Le Petit Parisien Map of the World during World War II
The world at the outbreak of WWII.

1952 Bemporat City Plan or Map of Montevideo, Uruguay
Striking city map of Montevideo, Uruguay.

1901 Norris Peters Map of Washington D.C. w/ Diarrheal Disease Mortality
Fascinating map of Washington, D.C. depicting fatal diseases.

1920 Clason Map of California
Wonderful early highway map of California.

1855 Bill Chromolithograph View of the Siege of Sevastopol, Crimea
The infamous siege of Sebastapol.

1846 Ensign Map of the United States (Texas at fullest)
Texas at its fullest - months after joining the United States.

1865 American School Boy Patriotic Manuscript Map of the World
Schoolboy Map with Patriotic Iconography.