Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 12/3/2022.
1817 Thomson Map of the United States: Mid-Atlantic, New England
The 'District of Maine' and the Connecticut Western Reserve!

1817 Thomson Map of India with Nepal (set of 2 maps)
British expansion in India.

2001 Unique Media Pictorial Map of Florida
Florida's cities and destinations, including Disney World.

1893 Kurz and Allison Life-size Chromolithograph of Columbia
Columbia - a life-sized chromolithograph.

1850 Reed and Barber Map of the United States - unrecorded state
Arguing the Texas Compromise of 1850. Mormons on Great Salt Lake.

1886 Manuscript Map of Pecol Rum / Sugar Plantations, Martinique
The heyday of rum production in colonial Martinique.

1931 Diakoff Pictorial Wall Map of China
Russian and Chinese relations before the Mukden Incident.

1875 Clay / Cosack 'Fast Mail' Railroad Broadside - First US Express Mail
The ephemeral 'Fast Mail', America's first true 'Express Mail Service'.

1914 Chung-Tung Lithography Map of Beijing, China
From Empire to Republic.

1928 Stanford Map of Shanghai, Foreign Concessions
The height of Treaty Ports Shanghai.

1561 Ruscelli Map of New England and the Maritimes (A true 1561 First Issue)
One of the First Acquirable Maps of the North American East Coast in its earliest issue.

1654 Merian Panorama of Paris
Bucolic Panorama of Paris and her Countryside.

1777 Croisey Map of the Russian Discoveries in Alaska and Bering Strait
A Rare, Pre-Cook map of the Bering Straits.

1705 De Fer Map of the Gulf Coast, Florida, Texas, and the Mississippi River
One of the first maps to offer any detail of the lower Mississippi.

1856 Ensign, Bridgeman, Fanning Map of Minnesota Territory
The early days of Minnesota Territory.

1804 Reichard Map of North America w/ state of Franklinia
Ephemeral state of Franklin!