Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 3/28/2020.
1894 Scutari Map of Southern Brazil During the Federalist Revolution
Follows the events of the Federalist Revolution in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

1719 Chatelain Map of Mexico and Colonial North America
A Brilliantly-Colored Example of an Early Colonial Map of North America

1892 Rand McNally Map of the United States and the Burlington Railroad
A wonderful wall map of railroad routes in the western United States highlighting the Burlington Route.

1950 Ciqheri Pictorial Map of Malta, Gozo, and Comino
A fantastic pictorial map of Malta that combines its popularity as a tourist destination with elements of its incredible history.

1900 Black Map of Havana, Cuba w/ Street Cleaning Schedules
Records the American occupation of Cuba following the Spanish-American War.

1744 Bellin Map of the Straits of  Great Lakes Huron, Michigan, and Superior
An important Great Lakes Map showing the straits between Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and Lake Michigan.

1940 Harrison Map of Europe During the 'Phoney War'
Focuses on the military situation in Europe between the beginning of World War II and the German invasion of France and the Low Countries.

1888 Ensign Forestry Map of the Rocky Mountains
A wonderful map highlighting the forests of the Rocky Mountains.

1744 Bellin Map of thel'Île-d'Orléans in the Saint Lawrence
An Attractively Engraved Map of the 'Île-d'Orléans

1928 Kelly and Walsh Map of Shanghai w/ development of Concessions
Illustrating the dev elopment of the Foreign Concessions in Shanghai.

1917 Jin Feng She 'Nem' or 'New' Map of Shanghai, China
Early bi-lingual map of Shanghai.

1916 First Republic of China Administrative Map of Beijing, China
The first modern Chinese map of Beijing.

1867 Holmes Map of the Upper West Side and Manhattan Valley, New York City
One of the earliest speciic maps to detail Manhattan Valley and the northern part of the Upper West Side.

1869 Holmes Map of Chelsea, 19th to 29th Streets, Manhattan, New York City
Important separate issue map of Chelsea, Manhattan.

1874 Amerman and Ford Map of The Upper East Side, 114th to 125th, New York City
Rare cadestral map of New York City's Spanish Harlem.

1948 U.S. Army Map of Marunouchi District, Central Tokyo, Japan
A map of central Tokyo created to help orient Allied personnel during the Occupation of Japan.

1828 Horsburgh Blueback Nautical Chart of Eastern Philippines (Mindanao, Leyte)
A wonderful and rare nautical chart of the eastern Philippines.

1849 Admiralty Blueback Nautical Map of Fujian (Xiamen / Amoy) China
A chart of the region surrounding Xiamen, one of the treaty ports established after the First Opium War.

1943 Cheeseman Pictorial Broadside Map of the United States Promoting Aviation
Promotes American aviation advancements and accomplishments in both the military and civilian spheres at the height of World War II.

1945 Hemphill's Book Stores Map of the University of Texas Campus in Austin
A charming pictorial map of the University of Texas promoting Hemphill's Book Stores.