Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 8/3/2021.
1955 U.S. 25 Dixie Highway Association Strip Map of the Dixie Highway
One of the earliest named highways in the United States.

1918 Teichman Map of Shaanxi (Shansi), China
British diplomat's travels through Shaanxi.

1862 Walling / Chace Wall Map of Maine
The first large scale map of the state to be issued after the Greenleaf third edition of 1844. - Rumsey

1877 Rand McNally 'Colonists and Emigrants' Map of Texas
Everything is bigger in Texas.

1887 Nell's Map of the State of Colorado - first edition!
First edition of Nell's important large format map of Colorado.

1861 Admiralty Civil War 'Blockade Runner' Map of the Savannah River, Georgia
Civil War blockade-runners map of the Savannah River.

1861 Beers Wall Map of Philadelphia and Vicinity
Civil War era map of Phili!

1935 Miguel Gomez Medina Pictorial Map of Mexico City (DF), Mexico
Miguel Gómez Medina's finest and rarest pictorial map!

1937 Osaka Mainichi Shimbun Propaganda Pictorial Map of East Asia
Japanese anti-Soviet anti-Communist Propaganda Pictorial!

1939 Lucien Boucher Air France Pictorial Map of the World
Compares old modes of transportation against air travel just before World War II.

1888 U.S.C.G.S. Nautical Chart / Map of Mount Desert Island, Maine
Striking depiction of Mount Desert Island.

1796 Mannert Map of North America and South America
Shortly following the Revolutionary War.

1764 Bellin Map of the Gulf Coast from Mobile Bay to St. Martin's Keys
Charting the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Northern Florida.

1795 D'Anville Wall Map of South America
'Captain Hook discovered these islands' - no kidding.

1853 Direccion de Hidrografia Nautical Chart or Map of the Canary Islands
Vital stepping stone to four continents.

1840 Pellerin Pictorial Broadside of the Paris - Saint Germain Railroad
Celebrates the first passenger rail line in France!

1969 National Mobilization March Anti-Vietnam War Map of Washington, D.C.
'The March Against Death' anti-Vietnam War Protest.