Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 3/29/2020.
1904 Commercial Intelligence Map of China
Published during the Russo-Japanese War.

1658 Visscher Map of North America and South America
A highly influential early map of the Americas.

1658 Visscher Map of Africa
A Masterfully Engraved, Influential and Entertaining Map of Africa.

1657 Visscher Map of Asia and the East Indies
A Superbly Engraved and detailed map of Asia.

1937 'Il Mattino Illustrato' Propaganda Map of China / 2nd Sino-Japanese War
An Italian propaganda map highlighting the Asian situation during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

1774 Benard/ Hawkesworth Chart of the Strait of Le Maire
A Beautifully Engraved Record of Cook's 1769 Passage around Tierra del Fuego.

1954 Mirabal Pictorial Map of Havana, Cuba
Illustrates Havana at the apex of Cuban-American relations.

1598 Magini Map of Sumatra/ Sri Lanka according to Ptolemy
The Most Distant island Mapped in Ptolemy's Era

1744 Bellin-Charlevoix Map of the Saint Lawrence River Near Quebec City
The vicinity of the Capital of Quebec in the Colonial Era

1933 North-China Daily News Map of Shanghai, China
Issued in the final days of Old Shangai just after the January 28 Incident or Shanghai Incident.

1867 Ministerio de Fomento City Plan or Map of Mexico City, Mexico
Published soon after the end of the Second French Intervention in Mexico in 1867.

1842 Wyld Map of the China Coast during the First Opium War
The War that created Hong Kong!

1861 Berghaus Map of the West Indies and Central America
Includes profile views of the three isthmuses of Central America.

1966 Civic Education Service Pictorial Map of Communist China
Presents Communist China to 1960s American schoolchildren.

1944 David Jones City Plan or Map of Sydney, Australia during World War II
A rare piece of history that harkens back to the rest and relaxation periods offered to Allied troops serving in the Pacific during World War II.

1960 Saigon Moi City Plan or Map of Bac Lieu, Vietnam
Details a provincial capital just south of the Mekong Delta.

1907 E. M. Beeler Wall Map of Denver, Colorado w/ railroad manuscript
One-of-a-kind early map of Denver, Colorado, with mauscript additions relating to the city's development as a national railroad hub.

1845 Ensign Map of the World with the Republic of Texas
Illustrates the Republic of Texas the year before it joined the United States and the Oregon border dispute between the United States and Canada.

1892 Prout and Burnham City Plan or Map of Wheaton, Illinois
A real estate map of Wheaton, Illinois featuring a profile illustration of Wheaton College.

1744 Bellin-Charlevoix Map of the Great Lakes (a seminal map)
The earliest obtainable example of the first map to introduce four fictional islands in Lake Superior. Islands later used to draw the post-Revolutionary War US-Canada border.