Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 2/22/2018.
1857 Colton Map of Holland and Belgium
Includes inset maps of Amsterdam and Brussels.

1866 Johnson Map of Kentucky and Tennessee
Incredible map of these two states just after the Civil War.

1866 Johnson Map of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
Depicts Christiania - how Oslo was known before 1925.

1866 Johnson Map of Central America
Features an inset map of Panama City.

1857 Colton Map of Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic
Illustrates the expanse of the relatively short-lived Austrian Empire.

1866 Johnson Map of Prussia, Germany
One year before the creation of Bismark's North German Confederation.

1690 Danckert's 'Farm Animal' Map of New York, Virginia, and New England (Novi Belgii)
The rare propaganda-ish 'Farm Animal' variant on the Visscher-Jansson Series map of New York, Virginia, and New England.

1752 De L'Isle Speculative Map of North America, the Arctic, and Siberia  (Sea of the West)
A foundational map and the single most influential map of the the Pacific Northwest issued in the middle of the 18th Century.

1676 John Speed Map of Carolina w/ Lederer geography
A ground-breaking map of Carolina showing the contentions geography of Jonathan Lederer.

1914 Hadol Satirical Map of Europe before the Franco-Prussian War
Important satirical map of Europe.

1906 Japanese Map of Hawaii showing shopping options
An exceptionally rare Japanese-Hawaiian map of Japanese friendly shops and business in 1906 Hawaii.

1844 Girard City Map or Plan of Paris, France
An extremely rare linen-backed city map or plan of Paris.

1941 Pictorial Horse Map of Maryland
Rare thematic map illustrating equestrian activty in Maryland.

1942 Hardin Map of Kentucky Celebrating the Kentucky Sesquicentennial
Illustrates the original nine counties established before Kentucky's admission into the Union.

1686 Dapper View of Alexandria, Egypt
Extraordinary view of Alexandria which indicates the site of the martyrdom of Saint Catherine.

1686 Dapper Map of West and Central Africa
Incredible map of West Africa including a depiction of the apocryphal Lake Aquilunda.

1686 Dapper Map of North Africa : Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya
From the French edition of one of the foundational works of African studies.

1948 Jolly Lindgren Humerous Pictorial Map of Yellowstone National Park
Hilarious pictorial map of Yellowstone National Park.

1818 Franz Pluth Map of the Pacific Coast of North America
Labels Vancouver Island and Kodiak Island.

1765 Isaak Tirion Map of Chagres, Panama
An important Spanish port on the Atlantic coast of Panama - used for sending gold back to Spain!