Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 9/29/2020.
1910 Levering and Puck Magazine Political Cartoon of Corruption in America
It must be alright to steal if everyone's doing it!

1913 Puck Magazine Political Cartoon of American Protectorates in Latin America
Highlights America's interventionist and paternalistic practices in Latin America.

1867 New England Lith. Co. Railroad Map of Massachusetts and Rhode Island
Details the short-lived Old Colony and Newport Railroad.

1927 Lynas Map of the World Celebrating Lindbergh's Flight Across the Atlantic
An extremely rare map celebrating Lindbergh's first solo nonstop transatlantic flight.

1873 Gifford and Bancroft Bird's-Eye View Map of San Francisco, California
One of the most significant and desirable views of San Francisco ever published.

1855 Cruchley Folding Wall Map of London, England
Details the area thirty miles around London.

1895 Times of India Map of Bombay, India
Striking city plan of Mumbai (Bombay).

1945 Je Cherche and Jacques Mercier Map of Occupied Germany After World War II
Likely printed before the Allied Occupation Zones were firmly established.

1949 Infographic Map of the Berlin Airlift and How It Operated
Details the operations of the Berlin Airlift from California to Berlin.

1914 U.S.C.G.S. Nautical Chart or Maritime Map of Portland Harbor, Maine
A striking nautical chart of Portland.

1955 Ayres and Henricks Pictorial Map of the Finger Lakes Region, New York
A newly-identified state of a charming pictorial map of the Finger Lakes.

1918 Clason Map of Northern France WWI Western Front with Manuscript Additions
Highlights the Allied losses after the German Spring Offensive and their gains during the Hundred Days Offensive.

1697 Coronelli Map of the Northern Aegean Sea and the Bosporus
A Richly Decorative Engraving of a Theater of the Sixth Ottoman-Venetian War.

1750 Bellin Map of the East Indies (Sumatra, Malay, Java, Borneo)
Beautiful map of the East Indies.

1918 North-China Daily News / Municipal Council Map of Shanghai, China
Shanghai at the height of the 'Concession Period.'

1739 Bretez Turgot View and Map of Paris, France (c. 1900 Taride issue)
Magnificent, iconic, and highly detailed twenty sheet wall map of Paris, France.

1847 Disturnell Map of Mexico during the Mexican-American War
Created from a captured Mexican map.

1552 Munster Map of Africa
Earliest Acquirable Printed Map of the African Continent.

1945 Secret Service Map of FDR Roosevelt Springwood Estate, Hyde Park, NY
Highlights the extensive phone network around President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Hyde Park estate just weeks before his untimely death.