Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 10/18/2019.
1895 Map of the Eastern Congo Basin showing the tracks of 10 explorers
Earliest map to compile the exploration of the Congo River Valley during the Scramble for Africa

1926 Saburo Ota Pictorial World Map Sugoroku Map
Japan meets the world - an influence for the development of western pictorial cartography.

1859 David Tree Chart Illustrating the History of France
Enlightening infographic describing the history of France.

1801 Tardieu Map of the Northeastern United States w/Military Tracts
Illustrates land reserved for U.S. Soldiers after the American Revolutionary War.

1649 Blaeu Map of the isles De Re and Oleron, France
Sumptuously Engraved Map of the Home Port and its Surrounds

1885 Collingridge City Map or Plan of the City of London
A 19th century map of the City of London featuring St. Paul's Cathedral.

1966 Civic Education Service Pictorial Map of Laos During the Vietnam War
A Vietnam War era map of Laos highlighting the Laotian Civil War and the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

1939 Romer Pictorial Resource Map of South America
Highlights escalating tensions between Germany and the United States and Great Britain over access to South American natural resources.

1944 Mann City Map or Plan of Honolulu, Hawaii
Distributed by the USO for service men and women serving in Honoluly during World War II.

1835 Bradford Map of Florida - w/ ephemeral Seminole Reservation
One of only 4 known maps to illustrate the ephemeral central Florida Seminole Reservation established by the Treaty of Moultrie Creek.

1839 Monin Comparative Mountains and Rivers Chart
Exceptional French comparative mountains and rivers chart after Bulla.

1857 Colton Map of Florida
Includes the Arredondo Land Grant.

1866 Mitchell Map of California
Mitchell's map of California with inset of the Great Salt Lake.

1958 First Bilingual Chinese/English Large Format Map of Singapore City
First official Bi-Lingual Map of Singapore issued after Malaysian Independence.

1837 Mädler Map of the Moon
First Edition of a Richly Detailed Map of the Visible Face of the Moon

1702 Kino Map of California (first map to disprove the Califorina as an Island theory)
First map to definitively prove California was not an island.

1957 U.S. Geological Survey City Map or Plan of Houston, Texas
A large format city map of Houston - highlights schools, churches, and universities.

1941  Matsushima Japanese Propaganda View of Pear Harbor Atack
Japanese propaganda view illustrating Pearl Harbor Attack.

1616 Saxonis Solar Chart
One of Two Known Examples of an Early Printed Broadside of Solar Observations

1904 Stanford Map of Manchuria and China (Russo-Japanese War)
Contemporaneous map of the 1904 theater of the Russo-Japanese War.