Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 4/19/2021.
1845 Teesdale Dissected Library Map of the World (w/ Republic of Texas)
One of only a few English maps to recognize the Republic of Texas. / The first map to show a fully explored Northwest Passage.

1892 Kiepert Wall Map of the Ottoman Empire
Best 19th century general map of the Ottoman Empire.

1886 Burleigh Bird's-Eye View of Beacon / Matteawan, New York
Beacon before it was Beacon.

1945 Kaliher and White Set of Pictorial WWII Route Maps of  79th Inf. in Europe
A complete set of 79th Infantry Division route maps from World War II - maps created by the soldiers for the soldiers.

1886 Rand McNally Railroad Map of Wyoming and Nebraska
Free land to the 1,000,000!

1814 Carey Map of Tennessee
Tennessee just after the Creek War (1813 - 1814) and the War of 1812 (1812 - 1815).

1720 Weigel Map of India and Southeast Asia
Superb example. Dramatic Map

1753 Jonas Hanway Map of the Caspian Sea
The most detailed chart of the Caspian Sea of the mid-18th century.

1975 Hallwag Map of the Solar System
The orbits of the planets and comets.

1661 Elzevir / Cluver map of Africa
Attractively Engraved Map of the African Continent.

1954 Mayo Pictorial Map of Florida
The Good Life - Florida.

1761 Desnos Wall Map of America w/ Sea of the West / Fusang
Wall Map! Sea of the West! Fusang! What more can you ask?

1804 Ainslie City Plan or Map of Edinburgh and Leith, Scotland
The birth of Second New Town.

1929 Manuscript  Draft for a Lithograph of an 18th Century Manuscript Map of Nuevo Santander, Mexico
A painstaking copy of a seminal map, possibly a printers' draft

1867 Farrell View of the 'Meeting of the Waters', Vale of Avoca, Ireland
'There is not in the wide world a valley so sweet' - Thomas Moore

1762 Jonas Hanway Map of Europe with Trade Routes to Persia
Trade routes between London and Persia.

1945 Turner Map of the World at the End of World War II
The end of World War II - photos of the flag raising on Iwo Jima and the atomic bomb.

1947 Clegg Pictorial Map of Northern Ireland
Celebrates Northern Ireland's contributions to the Allied victory during World War II.