Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 4/25/2019.
1862 Childs Map of S. Manhattan, New York City (City / State Land Dispute)
One of the earliest land disputes between New York City and New York State.

1926 Admiralty Nautical Map of North Vietnam: Hanoi, Ha Long Bay
An Admiralty chart of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam and the vicinity.

1931 Admiralty Nautical Chart of the Approaches to the Yangtze River
A nautical chart of the approaches to Shanghai through the Yangtze River.

1926 Admiralty Nautical Chart of the East China Sea from Taiwan to Japan
A detailed Admiralty chart focusing on the coastlines and the islands.

1848 Hobbs Blueback Nautical Map of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Canada
Rare working nautical chart of the Canadian Maritimes.

1738 Homann Heirs Map of the Balkans: Bosnia and Croatia
The forgotten Austro-Turkish War of 1737-39.

1857 U. S. Coast Survey Map of the Chesapeake Bay (3 parts)
A monumental three part nautical chart or map of the Chesapeake Bay.

1930 Charles W. Smith Pictorial Map of Historical Virginia
Rare signed edition of Smith's pictorial map of Virginia.

1827 Finely Map of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia
Scarce map of southeast predating Indian Removal Act.

1957 Westermann Pictorial Map of Africa
An ethnographic pictorial wall map of Africa.

1902 Rand Avery Map of Mount Desert Island and the Coast of Maine
Map of Mount Desert Island and the Coast of Maine, home of the Acadia National Park.

1827 Carey and Lea Map of Florida
One of the earliest maps to depict Florida with more than two counties.

1845 Morse and Breese Map of Florida
A map of Florida created using cerography, an early method of color printing using wax.

1852 U.S. Coast Survey Triangulation Chart of Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay
A wonderful coast survey chart of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays.

1740 Bellin Map of the Arabian Peninsula
A beautifully engraved 18th century map of the Arabian Peninsula - labels both Mecca and Medina.

1769 Bellin Map of Tahiti
A beautifully engraved map of Tahiti created from Captain Cook's surveys during his first voyage to the island.

1866 Mitchell Map of New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware
A charming map of Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.

1878 'La Rana' Allegorical Map of the World as a Sick Man
A satirical monarchist publication laments the collapse of old-world values.

1877 Grossi Allegorical Map of the Dardanelles w/England as Colossus
England as Madman Colossus during the Russo-Turkish War.

1905 T. D. Collins Missionary Map of the World (on cloth)
The largest missionary map we have seen!