Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 1/22/2020.
1876 Richards Map of the Gold Fields of New South Wales
Encouraging the Expansion of Mining in New South Wales

1943 or Showa 18 Japanese Coprosperity Sphere Map of the Philippines
Rare World War II Imperial Japanese map of the Philippines.

1939 Richard Edes Harrison Map of New York City
Abundantly Data-Rich Midcentury Map of New York City

1911 Clason Map of Denver, Colorado
Richly Detailed Plan of Denver, Printed In Denver: Highlighting the City's Green Spaces

1986 Ranlee Pictorial Map of Belmont, the 'Little Italy' of the Bronx, New York City
A brightly colored and charming pictorial map of the Belmont neighborhood in the Bronx, 'The Little Italy of the Bronx'.

1948 Pictorial Tourist Map of Northwest Arizona Printed on a Napkin
Pre-Interstate Arizona Tourist Icon: artifac of bygone way-stations on storied highways

1934 Annand Pictoral Map of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition
A pictorial map promoting Richard Byrd's second expedition to the Antarctic and the radio broadcasts he made along the way.

1804 Neele / Boisgelin Map of Malta and Gozo
The largest 19th century map of Malta - issued by an ex-Knight when the Order of St. John was nearly destroyed.

1928 Macdonald Gill Pictorial Wonderground Map of London
The map the 'saved the network' and inaugurated the Golden Age of Pictorial Cartography.

1885 Manuscript Map of East Africa: Lake Victoria, Tanzania, Kenya…
Extraordinary manuscript map of French Spheres of Inflluence in West Africa

1880 Arnold Guyot Map of the Catskill Mountains
The First Map Specifically of the Catskill Mountains

1901 Wood and Ortlepp Map of the Northern Transvaal
Describing the Northern Theatre of the Second Boer War

1928 NHA Map of the Trans-Canada Highway: highway propaganda!
Rare persuasive map made to promote the constrution of the Canadian Highway System!

1955 Johnson Pictorial Map of Michigan State University
Stunning pictorial map issued to commemorate the founding of Mihcigan State University.

1854 Longuet Map of the Eastern Balkans and Black Sea During the Crimean War
A French map published during the Crimean War focusing on the effected areas.

1943 Fissore and Danoy Map of the Principality of Monaco
A wonderful map of Monaco, the second smallest country in the world.

1944 Army Map Service Road Map of the Central and Southern Philippines
Identifies many major islands in the archipelago, including Mindanao, Leyte, Cebu, Negros, and Panay.

1939 Map of the Western Part of Long Island Sound by Rolf Klep
Vividly Entertaining Map of the Sailing Clubs of Long Island Sound

1930s W. B. Edwards Panoramic View of Quebec City
An Exquisite Hand-Tinted Photogtraphic Panorama of Quebec City

1902 Blanchard Map of New York City
A Richly Detailed Map of Manhattan and the Bronx: One of the First to Show the Bronx Zoo