Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 6/20/2019.
1814 Thomson Map of the Russian Empire in Europe and Asia
A map of the Russian Empire at the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

1974 City of Liverpool Beatles Pictorial Map and Souvenir Fan Pack
Contains several pieces of Beatles ephemera, including one of the earliest Beatles maps of Liverpool ever created.

1973 Screenprinted Children of God Doomsday Comet Kohouteki Broadside
What will the Christmas Monster bring? Geological cataclysms? Political Catastrophe? Economic Chaos? New World Order? Great Confusion? Energy Crisis? Atomic War? End of the World?

1937 Osaka Mainichi Shimbun Propaganda Pictorial Map of East Asia
Japanese anti-Soviet anti-Communist Propagana Pictorial!

1880 Viele Map of Upper Manhattan (Washington Heights, Fort George, and Inwood)
Viele's map of the organically planned portion of Manhattan above 155th Street - a first in American metropolises.

1881 Sahib Pictorial Map of Province of High Society in the Country of Love
Highlights the romantic activities of high society individuals in an imaginary France known as the Country of Love.

1872 Yves and Barret Pictorial Map of Europe after the Franco-Prussian War
A proto serio-comic map of Europe just after France's defeat in the Franco-Prussian War highlighting Europe's changed political atmosphere.

1859 Fontanelle Fantasy Map of the Empire of Poetry
A French allegorical map commenting on the state of poetry in France at the end of the 17th century.

1628 Pieter van den Keere Carta-a-figure Map of the World on Mercator Projection
Classic single-sheet world map on Mercator's projection... celebrated as one of the supreme examples of the map maker's art. - Shirley

1718 De Fer Map of the Mississippi River Valley
Map used to promote investment in John Law's Compagnie d'Occident (Mississippi Bubble) and the first map to show Le Maire's discoveries.

1862 Andriveau-Goujon and Vuillemin Map of the United States and Mexico
Labels the ephemeral early names for Colorado (Colona) and Idaho (Shoshone), along with Dacotah and Confederate Arizona.

1937 or World War II Japanese Bi-lingual Map of Shanghai, China (w/ photo of Bund)
Scarce map of Shanghai with view of the Bund.

1955 Steimatsky Pictorial Map of Jerusalem in Hebrew
A pictorial map of Jerusalem divided by the pre-1967 border that highlights sites throughout the city printed in Hebrew.

1869 Whitehead Map of Victoria, Australia, During the Victoria Gold Rush
An extremely rare map of Victoria, Australia at the end of the Victoria Gold Rush.

1949 Gadbois and Ritter Cartoon Pictorial Map of the U.S.N.T.C. Great Lakes
A rare cartoon map of the U.S. Naval Training Center Great Lakes - today the U.S. Navy's largest training center.

1724 Valk Map of England and Wales
An extremely rare 18th century map of England and Wales.

1636 Hondius and Jansson Map of Dalmatia and the Balkans
An 18th century map of the Balkans and the Dalmatian coast

1680 De Wit Map of Crete or Candia
Created after the Ottomans conquered Crete, removing it from Venice's overseas empire.

1599 De Bry Map of Madagascar
A 16th century map of Madagascar based on information from the first Dutch expedition to the East Indies.

1949 McCaffrey and Alaska Steamship Company Map of Alaska
A post war map of Alaska promoting tourism to the territory.