Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 8/22/2019.
1874 Imray Blueback Nautical Chart or Maritime Map of the Indian Ocean
Giant blueback working nautical chart of the Indian Ocean with in manuscript navigational notes.

1680 Visscher Map of Denmark
A map created using data from the first national survey of Denmark.

1939 Christiansen Map of Nebraska illustrating 'Outdoor Life'
Charming pictorial map of Nebraska highlighting outdoor sportsmanship.

1887 Nell's Map of the State of Colorado - first edition!
First edition of Nell's important large format map of Colorado.

1884 Holt Map of Wyoming Territory - finest commercial map of Wyoming
The finest commercial map of Wyoming Territory issued at the height of the Wyoming Cattle Boom.

1910 Advertising Chromo View / Map of New York City and the Hudson River
Stunning chromolithograph advertising view of New York City.

1715 Samuel Thornton Chart of Guzarat and Bombay (Mumbai)
Very rare early map of the waters around Bombay.

1930 Elizabeth Shurtleff Pictorial Map of Bermuda (Bermuda Islands)
Stunning pictorial map by one of the great female pictorial cartographers.

1950 Miller Pictorial Map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts
A rare pictorial map of Cape Cod highlighting the region's restful outdoor activities making it a perfect vacation destination.

1871 Holmes Map of the Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York City
Highlights part of the evolving relationship between New York City and Harlem.

1866 Holmes Map of Gramercy, Rose Hill, and Kips Bay, Manhattan, New York City
Includes Gramercy Park and land once owned by Revolutionary War General Horatio Gates.

1893 Kurz and Allison View of Chicago
Iconic view of Chicago made for the 1893 Columbian Exposition.

1924 Lester Book and Stationary Company City Map or Plan of Atlanta, Georgia
A previously unrecorded edition of a city plan of Atlanta, Georgia.

1908 Richard Rummell View of Brown University, Rhode Island
Rare Rummell View of Brown University.

1941 Maroc Presse City Map or Plan of Casablanca, Morocco
Created a year before the classic film Casablanca was released.

1571 / 1601 Abraham Ortelius Map of Africa - Kingdom of Prester John
Beautiful early map of Africa showing the mythical Kingdom of Prester John.

1920 Map of Adirondack Region Telephone Companies with Manuscript Notations
A one-of-a-kind piece highlighting small telephone companies in the Adirondacks.

1868 Vaux and Olmstead Map or Plan of Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York
Possibly the first published map of Prospect Park.

1960s B.O.A.C. World Map on a Fan promoting Air Travel
Art Deco airline advertising sign.

1763 Bellin Map of Saint Lucia
Published soon after the French regained possession of the island after the Seven Years' War.