Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 7/8/2020.
1788 Molina map of Chile and Argentina
One of the Earliest Maps of Chile by a Chilean.

1908 Ludwig Transportation Map of Argentina
Depicts the transportation network throughout Argentina during an era of rapid economic recovery.

1954 Baille Pictorial Map of the World Tracing Voyages of French Warships
Lionising the achievements of the French Navy!

1598 Rosaccio Double Hemisphere Map of the World
A scarce, distinctive 16th century copperplate map based on Mercator.

1888 Crocker Map of California
The earliest map of California to illustrate Viticulture!

1888 Kiepert Topographic Map of Russia and Eastern Europe
An unforgettable wall map of Russia and Eastern Europe.

1886 Kiepert Topographic Map of Central Europe
A monumental and striking topographic map of central Europe by the greatest German cartographer of the 19th century.

1889 Rand McNally Map of the Pacific Coast from San Diego to Chilkat, Alaska
Promoting Tourism from Santa Barbara to Sitka.

1940 Joshi and Company City Plan or Map of Bombay (Mumbai), India
A colorful city plan or map of Mumbai / Bombay.

1957 Dah Chung Book Company Map of Hong Kong and Kowloon
Bilingual Chinese and English plan of Kowloon and Hong Kong.

1618 Hondius Map of Aargau, Switzerland
Bern, Lucerne and Lake Zurich in northern Switzerland.

1758 Bellin Map of Spitsbergen, Svalbard Archipelago, Norway
Svalbard - home to polar bears, sled dogs, and the Svalbard Seed Vault.

1918 Rice Map of the Rio Negro, Brazil
The first scientific mapping of the Rio Negro in Brazil!

1861 Wheeler Map of Madras - in 1861 and 1733
No examples catalogued in OCLC or visible on the market

1906 Richard Rummell View of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
Rummell's iconic view of Cornell!

1884 Kiepert Topographic Map of Greece and the Balkans
A monumental and striking topographic map of Greece by the greatest German cartographer of the 19th century.

1925 Reading Railway Map of New Jersey and Pennsylvania
Take a ride on the Reading!

1923 Holt Map of Jordan and Syria and Parts of Iraq, and Israel / Palestine
Details the region between Jerusalem and Baghdad mapped by a British spy.

1944 Japanese Transportation Map of the Philippines During World War II
A WWII era Japanese map transport map of the Philippines.

1794 Edwards and Stockdale Map of Dominica
A Caribbean island hotly contested by the British and French in the 18th century.