Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 5/24/2018.
1943 Minneapolis Morning Tribune Map of Europe and the Mediterranean
Printed a week after the Allies secured the surrender of German and Italian forces in North Africa.

1900 Heathcote Map of the St. Kilda Archipelago, Scotland
Possibly the first printed specific map of the St Kilda archipelago in Scotland.

1792 Ellicot / Thackara and Vallance Map of Washington D. C.
The first offical large format plan of Washington D.C.!

1942 Pictorial Propaganda Broadside of the Japanese Invasion of Singapore
A Portuguese broadside celebrating the Japanese invasion and capture of Singapore.

1924 Hungarian River and Sea Shipping Company Fleet Chart
Scathing critique on the effects of the 1921 Treaty of Trianon on Hungarian private shipping companies.

1941 Wisner and Minneapolis Morning Tribune Map of the Philippines
Printed a week after the Japanese invasion of Luzon.

1944 Van Swearingen and Minneapolis Morning Tribune Map of the Philippines
Published a week after American forces landed on Leyte and returned to the Philippines.

1942 Nelson and Minneapolis Sunday Tribune Map of Alaska and North Pole
Propaganda map emphasizing the importance of Alaska in the fight against Japan.

1943 Owens and Minneapolis Morning Tribune Map of the Northeast Passage
The summer supply route between the United States and Russia through the Arctic Circle.

1943 Minneapolis Morning Tribune Map of Europe Before the Allied Invasion
Five presumed options for the Allied invasion of continental Europe - where would they decide to land troops?

1943 Owens Pictorial Map of Possible Nazi German Attack on Gibraltar
Includes an incredible view of an imagined Nazi aerial attack on Gibraltar.

1943 Minneapolis Morning Tribune Map of Allied Offensive in North Africa
Illustrates the final stages of Allied victory in North Africa against Erwin Rommel and the Afrika Korps.

1944 Rand McNally Pictorial Map of Military Bases Across the United States
Labels all of the military installations in the continental United States from coast to coast.

1866 Miller Ribbon Map of the Hudson River, New York
Highly detailed ribbon map of the Hudson River Valley.

1905 Witaker and Ray Wall Pictorial Wall Map of the San Francisco Bay Area
One of the most graphically striking maps of the San Francisco Bay area.

1786 Tofino Nautical Chart or map of Mallorca, Spain
Extremely rare and impressively large 18th century map of Mallorca Spain.

1812 Direccion Hydrografica Map of the Balaeric Islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza
Rare Spanish nautical chart of the Balearic Islands.

1836 Washington Irving Map of Pacific Northwest w/ Routes of Hunt and Stuart
Historically significant exploration map of the American West including John Jacob Astor's Astoria trading post.

1852 Magnus Map of New York City and Brooklyn
Scarce dual map showing Manhattan and Brooklyn.

1857 Phelps City Map or Plan of New York City
An iconic and beautiful map of New York City.