Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 1/18/2021.
1879 Bailey / Hazen View and Map of Boston, Massachusetts
The absolute best view of Boston.

1572 Ortelius Map of America
First Atlas Map of the Western Hemisphere.

1970 Grossman / Sussmann Anti-Vietnam War Protest Broadside w/Nixon
A refrain that rings a little too true in 2020.

1707 Jonathan Dickinson Map of Florida, Carolina, Virginia and Cuba
Superb map relating to a seminal 'Captivity Tract.'

1956 J. B. Jannot Chocolates Menier Pictorial Map of the World
French chocolatier's promotional world travel contest!

1854 George Cruikshank Illustration of the 1853 in the Tail of a Comet
Comet-Tail recapitulation of the events of 1853.

1939 Richard Edes Harrison Map of New York City
Brilliant, data rich depiction of mid-century New York.

1942 Chapin Map of North Africa During World War II
Speculating on a possible Allied assault in Africa.

1934 Varin Birds-Eye View of Lake Shore Drive in 1889 and 1934
Lake Shore Drive (then) 1889 and (now) 1934.

1929 Chromolithograph Portrait of Giuseppe Garibaldi
The 'Hero of the Two Worlds'.

1866 Chandless Ribbon Map of the Purus River, Brazil and Peru
Landmark map of an Amazon tributary.

1939 Great Northern Railway Pictorial Map of Glacier National Park
Only a few years after the establishment of Peace Park.

1851 U.S. Coast Survey Chart or Map of Point Pinos, Monterey Bay, California
Oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast.

1870 Murray Map of the Afar Country, Eritrea and Ethiopia
Landmark exploration of a previously unmapped region of Africa.

1868 Gifford and Gray Bird's-Eye View Map of San Francisco, California (First State!)
First printing of one of the most significant and desirable views of San Francisco.

1902 Survey of India Large Scale Map of Persia
The largest and best map of Persia.