Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 12/6/2019.
1836 S.D.U.K. City Map or Plan of Dublin, Ireland
Beautiful city plan of Dublin, Ireland's capital city.

1944 Army Map Service Road Map of Northern Luzon, Philippines
A detailed road map of Luzon created the year before Allied forces began retaking the island from the Japanese.

1613 Mercator Map of Macedonia and Achaia
A Beautiful Map of Greece and Macedonia

1779 Orcel / Schmettau Folding Wall Map of Sicily, Italy
The finest and largest map of Sicily of the 18th century.

1904 KisaburĊ Ohara Satirical Octopus Map of Asia and Europe
Extremely rare Japanese perspective satirical 'Octopus Map' of Asia.

1828 Bougainville Nautical Map of Port Jackson, Sydney, Australia
The Earliest Acquirable, Detailed Chart of Port Jackson and Sydney Harbor

1832 Royal Geographical Society Map of Western Australia
One of the Earliest Maps of the Colony of Western Australia

1752 Ulloa and Juan Map of the Andes in Ecuador
The First Scienific Survey of the Andes Mountains and Central Ecuador

1827 Vandermaelen/ Humboldt Map of Northern Mexico
The Best Large-Scale Map of Northern Mexico Based on First-Hand Survey.

1931 Leconte and Guilmin Pictorial Map of Paris / Map of Colonial Exposition
Includes a detailed plan of the Paris International Colonial Exposition on verso - which included a reconstruction of Angkor Wat.

1929 Jillson Geological Map of Kentucky
Gigantic 5 foot long geological map of Kentucky.

1545 Munster Map of Bohemia: 1558 Edition of the Earliest Acquirable Bohemia
The Earliest Acquirable Map of Bohemia, and the First Acquirable Map to Use a Key

1558 Munster Map of Switzerland and the Source of the Rhine
One of the Earliest Modern Maps of Switzerland

1894 Lake Map of Johor, Malaya and Singapore - the First Survey of Johor
The first scientifically executed survey of Johor, Malaysia.

1892 Morgan Map of the United States Indian Reservations
Illustrates the ephemeral period when there was an Oklahoma Territory and an Indian Territory vying for statehood.

1894 Weller Map of Iceland
A reduction of the survey by Bjorn Gunnlaugsson - the first scientific survey of Iceland.

1946 Pictorial Map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts
An Attractive and Entertaining Pictorial Map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts

1844 Arnout View of the Hotel de Ville (City Hall) in Paris, France
A beautiful view of the old Hotel de Ville in Paris, before it was burned down at the end of the Paris Commune in 1871.

1552 Munster Map of Pakistan and Afghanistan as known to Ptolemy
Afghanistan and Pakistan as known in the Classical Era

1552 Ptolemaic Map of Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan
16th Century Woodcut Map of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan as known to Ptolemy