Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 12/11/2017.
1892 U.S. Government Map of Wheat Production in Washington State
Thematic agricultural map detailing wheat growing regions in Washington State.

1867 Beers City Map of Tarrytown (Sleepy Hollow), New York
Tarrytown - the setting for the iconic 19th century short story 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow'!

1769 Ratzer 'Ratzen Plan' or Map of New York City
First State of the 'Ratzen Plan,' one of the most iconic, beautiful, and important colonial era maps of New York City.

1661 Van Loon Map of California as and Island
One of the earliest folio maps to focus on California as an island.

1839 Piquet Folding Case Map of Paris, France
One of the most beautiful old color large format 19th century maps of Paris.

1941 Guenther Propaganda Map Extolling American Military Buildup
Rare American World War II Propaganda Broadside - promotes American defense before Pearl Harbor!

1850 Chinese Qing Dynasty Map of Beijing or Peking
Rare mid-19th Qing Map of Beijing printed in China for Chinese government use. Basis for many subsequent maps issued after the Boxer Rebellion.

1919 Allegorical Map of Berlin as Berolina
Curious allegorical map of Berlin as Berolina issued to satirize the German Revolution of 1918-19.

1777 Croisey Map of the Russian Discoveries in Alaska and Bering Strait
Unusual map illustrating the discoveries of Russian fur traders in the Aleutian Islands after Bering's expedition but before Cook.

1676 John Speed Map of Poland
Beautifully colored map of Poland - with views of Krakow and Breslau!

1943 Japanese Map of the Philippines
Scarce World War II Japanese map of the Philippines.

1950 Schulthies Pictorial Map of the San Diego Zoo
Gorgeous map with fantastic illustrations of animals!

1940 Sampson Pictorial Map of the Western United States
Includes vignettes of some of the American West's most celebrated national parks!

1580 Braun and Hogenberg View of Santander, Spain
Early view of an important Spanish port city in the Basque Region.

1865 Johnson Map of New England: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts
Attractive detailed map of New England featuring the region's railroad network!

1846 Kemble Map of Early French Missions around Lake Superior and Lake Michigan
The mission after which Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan is labeled!

1846 Kemble Map of Colonial North America
Illustrates English, French, and Spanish possessions in the modern-day United States.

1956 J. B. Jannot Chocolates Menier Pictorial Map of the World
A French chocolatier's promotional world travel contest!

1902 French Investment Map of Johannesburg, South Africa
One of the earlist maps of Johannesburg, South Africa, used after the Second Boer War to promote investment in the Witwatersrang gold region.

1897 Poole Brothers Railroad Map of the Illinois Central Railroad
The Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad are featured in several songs by legendary blues masters.