Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 8/15/2022.
1967 Vorobyov Cold War Soviet Propaganda Broadside of the Soviet Union
50th anniversary of the Russian Revolution.

1845 Lauvergne View of Singapore near the Straits of Malacca
A pleasant pastoral view of early Singapore.

1845 Lauvergne View of Singapore Countryside
Victorian pastoral aesthetics in the tropics.

1902 Norris Peters Map of Steamship Routes across the Pacific
The U.S. becomes a Pacific power.

1953 Pacific Stars and Stripes Map of the Korean War - with the index!
Features manuscript notations likely written by a Korean War veteran.

1926 Eaton Pictorial Folding Map of Toronto and Environs
How to get to Canada's favorite department store.

1873 Weller Map of the Faroe Islands
Pre-Columbian Discovery of America, or an Elaborate Hoax?

1754 Bellin Map and Chart of the Gulf of Guinea
Mapping the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

1787 Bonne Map of Ancient India in the Time of Alexander the Great
The last of Alexander's conquests.

1774 Benard / Carteret Maps and Charts of the Admiralty Islands
Early maps of features in the western Pacific.

1595 Mercator Map of the World (First Atlas Edition)
First acquirable Mercator World Map.

1647 Dudley Nautical Map of Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, West Indies
First usable printed nautical chart of Hispaniola and Puerto Rico.

1836 Woodbridge Wall Map of the United States w/ Republic of Texas
The founding of the Republic of Texas.

1880 Colton Pocket Map of Long Island, New York
Brilliant example of a scarce, separately issued Long Island map.

1684 Tavernier Map of Japan and Vietnam
A revolution the mapping of Japan.

1770 Jefferys Map of Amelia Island, Florida
First specific published map of Amelia Island.

1888 Wilson Nautical Chart or Map of Porto Rico and the Virgin Islands
The dangerous seas around the Virgin Islands.