Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 8/16/2018.
1861 Civil War Broadsheet Recruiting Poster for 'Invincibles'
One of only 2 known examples of this exceptional Civil War Recruitment Poster for the 56th Pennsylvania Regiment.

1883 Root and Tinker View of the Statue of Liberty, New York
The most important pre-construction view of the Statue of Liberty.

1885 O'Dea View of the Infamous Confederate Civil War Prison at Andersonville
The only 'realistic' view of the most notorious Anderson confederate Civil War Prison.

1906 Richard Rummell Bird's-Eye View of Williams College, Massachusetts
Rare bird's-eye view of Williams College campus.

1908 Richard Rummell Bird's-Eye View of the University of Michigan Campus
Rare bird's-eye view of the University of Michigan campus.

1764 Seutter and Lotter Nautical Flag Chart
Stunning 18th century flag chart identifing the flags of the Dutch East India Company and Dutch West India Company.

1865 Admiralty Chart of St Pierre Island (Miquelon) w/ TransAtlantic Cable
The finest map of St. Pierre Island in the mid-19th century with manuscript notes relating the French Atlantic Telegraph.

1705 De Fer Map of the Gulf Coast, Florida, Texas, and the Mississippi River
One of the earliest published maps of the lower Mississippi Valley.

1705 De Fer Map of Mexico, Florida, and the Gulf Coast
Includes a fantastic illustration of the legendary Mines de St. Barbe / Santa Barbara silver mines.

1935 Parker Pictorial Map of Martha's Vineyard Island, Massachusetts
A charming broadside promoting Martha's Vineyard as a vacation destination - the only known example.

1942 Minneapols Tribune Map of the World at War During World War II
The world as it was at the outset of American combat operations during World War II.

1856 U.S. Coast Survey Map of San Francisco Bay and City, California
Beautiful nautical chart detailing the entrance to San Francisco Bay before the Golden Gate Bridge was built.

1856 U.S. Coast Survey Map of Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay
Incredible coastal detail - including the James, York, and Rappahannock Rivers.

1859 U.S. Coast Survey Map of San Francisco Bay and City, California
An incredible large format separate issue nautical chart of the entrance to San Francisco Bay.

1853 U.S. Coast Survey Map of the West Coast of the United States
A separate issue edition of an attractive nautical chart of southern California.

1942 Japan Club Map of Singapore City and the Malay Peninsula
Important Japanese Map of Singapore issued just after the WWII Battle of Singapore, considered by Churchill the 'worse disaster' in British Military History.

1943 Manning World War II Propaganda Maps: Target Berlin and Target Tokyo
A set of iconic American World War II propaganda broadside maps 'targeting' Berlin and Tokyo.

1901 Parker Brothers Map and Board Game of the United States
Players go on a transcontinental journey across the United States - and the first one back home wins!

1846 Bradford Map of Missouri
Labels St. Louis, Jefferson City, and Independence.

1846 Bradford Map of Arkansas
Published only ten years after Arkansas became a state.