Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 2/19/2019.
1945 Kalihan and White Pictorial WWII Route Map of the 79th Inf. in France
Illustrates the advance of the 79th Infantry Division across eastern France.

1943 or Showa 18 World War II Era Japanese Map of New Zealand
One of the maps in the Greater Co-Prosperity Sphere series and one of the most cartographically beautiful 20th century maps of New Zealand.

1931 International At-A-Glance Chart Company Map of the United States
An interactive spinning disk featuring information about the Unbited States.

1922 Royal Geographical Society Map of the Vicinity of Mt. Everest
Compiled from photographs and sketches done by the first western expedition to Mount Everest.

1922 Morshead Map of the Route of the First Western Expedition to Mt. Everest
Traces the route of the first Western expedition to Mount Everest - the 1921 British Mount Everest Reconnaissance Expedition.

1960 Faller Pictorial Map of Germany as Fairytale Land
Includes vignettes many classic fairy tales, including Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Snow White.

1980 Skobin Soviet Era Russian Tourist City Map or Plan of Odessa, Ukraine
Includes an inset pictorial map of central Odessa.

1868 Shannon and Rogers View of Loew Bridge in Lower Manhattan, New York City
Wonderful view of the short lived Loew Bridge in lower Manhattan.

1864 Eldridge Blueback Nautical Chart Map of Marthas Vineyard and Nantucket
Rare edition of an important chart of the waters around Martha`s Vineyard and Nantucket, by George Eldridge, the leading private American chart maker of the era.

1838 Karacsay Map of Montenegro
One of the most important 19th century maps of the Balkans and the first accurate survey of the interior of Montenegro.

1836 Steen Map of the Great Plains from 2nd Dragoon Expedition
A Watershed in the Cartography of the Plains' - Allen

1844 'Spratt Map' of the Dardanelles and the Troad - led to discovery of Troy!
Spratt's Map' that led directly to the rediscovery of the lost Homeric city of Troy!

1843 Blachford Blueback Nautical Chart Map of the English Channel
Remarkable working blueback chart of the Benglish Channel.

1893 H. S. Crocker Map of California w/ Wine Making Vignette
One of the earliest cartographic depictions of Wine Making in California!

1550 Munster Map of Africa
The first map of the entire continent of Africa.

1840 Burr Map of Sullivan County, New York
An extremely rare edition of Burr's map of Sullivan County, New York - a popular Borscht Belt vacation destination in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

1867 Colton Map of New York City and Brooklyn
Illustrates both Central Park and Prospect Park the year Prospect Park was founded.

1899 Gillam Political Cartoon Mocking Populist and Free Silver Election Losses
Ridicules the supporters of free silver for winning only one election in 1898 - for governor of Nebraska.

1862 Johnson Map of Kansas, Nebraska and Dakota
llustrates Nebraska from Iowa to Fremont's Peak.