Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 10/17/2021.
1944 Chapin Map of Burma / Myanmar during World War II
Climax of World War II in Burma.

1916 Irving National Bank Map of New York City Freight Terminals
New York City as a center for trade.

1927 Burwell Map of Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire
Unrecorded state of a rare map of Lake Winnipesaukee.

1890 Kurz and Allison View of Franco-Prussian War Second Battle of Orléans, France
Disastrous French defeat during the Franco-Prussian War.

1940 Kroll Map Company Map of Alaska
Alaska just before the United States entered World War II.

1854 Philip Map of the Crimean Peninsula / Crimea
Allied invasion of Crimea.

1950 Pictorial Tourist Map of Lebanon
A halcyon era before the outbreak of the 1858 Lebanese Civil War.

1862 Abbot Map of the Peninsula Campaign during the American Civil War
Region around the first pitched battle of the Peninsula Campaign during the American Civil War.

1929 Automobile Club Road Map of the Northeastern United States
Travel the Northeast and stay at great hotels.

1912 Poole Brothers Railroad Map of the United States and Canada
The Canadian Pacific Railway and connecting railroads.

1688 / 1697 Coronelli Globe Gore of New Mexico and California as an Island
Possibly the Earliest Acquirable Accurate Map of the Southwest.

1688 / 1697 Coronelli Globe Gore of The Great Lakes, Mississippi R., Hudson's Bay, Florida
The Heart of North America from the Finest Globemaker of the 17th Century.

1910 Edgar Pyramidological Study of the Great Pyramid of Giza
The Great Pyramid predicts the End of Days.

1946 Neil Jones Board Game of the Solar System
Unpublished game by one of the early Pioneers of Science Fiction.

1876 Ames Broadside Celebrating the Centennial of the Declaration of Independence
Commemorating the growth of the United States.

1876 F. Kimball Rogers View / Map of Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts
Scarce 19th century image of the great Cape Ann Fishing Port.

1913 Rummell Bird's-Eye View of Dartmouth College, New Hampshire
One of Rummell's most uncommon college views.

1939 Mountcastle City Plan or Map of Cleveland, Ohio
Manuscript notations highlight the Cleveland area's many railroad lines and Union Terminal.