Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 10/4/2023.
1881 Stoner View of Nantucket Town, Massachusetts
There once was an old map of Nantucket...

1859 Sadahide Panoramic View of Yokohama
Opening of Yokohama.

1707 J. B. Homann Double Hemisphere World Map
Bringing the Baroque into the Scientific Age: Precursor to Zurner's famous map.

1968 Viet Cong Manuscript Map of a Battle at Phước Túy, South Vietnam
Battle plan from the Viet Cong perspective.

1880 Japanese Manuscript Chart of the Human Nervous System
Meiji adoption of western medicine.

1908 Nichols / Rummell View of the University of Vermont
New insight into the Nichols - Rummell relationship.

1878 Laporte Map of the Solar System
Teaching astronomy.

1960 Fahey Pictorial Map of Greenwich Village, New York City
Meant to 'aid your exploration of the Village'.

1707 Homann Map of Catalonia, Spain
Dark Days for Catalonia.

1895 Kurz and Allison Portrait of Abraham Lincoln
Large and stirring portrait of Lincoln.

1979 Dewar / Archar Pictorial View Map of Austin, Texas
Live music capital of the world.

1860 Reinhardt Humorous View of Lion Escape
Satirizing mass hysteria.

1688 Rosaccio / Moretti Woodcut Map of Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region
Scarce Miniature Black Sea and Lithuania.

1840 Joseph Bermann Card Game 'Sailors In Africa'
Imaginative pastime evoking swashbuckling adventure.