Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 7/25/2021.
1987 Baron Watercolor View of the Shanghai Bund, China
Unique view of the Bund from Broadway Mansions.

1568 M√ľnster Map of Africa
French text edition of the first detailed map of Africa.

1793 Vaugondy / Fry / Jefferson Map of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware
Elegant Edition of the Pinnacle of the Colonial Mapping of Virginia.

1876 John Bachelder / James Walker View of the Battle of Gettysburg, 3rd Day
The 'high water mark' of the Confederacy and turning point of the Battle of Gettysburg.

1928 Clegg Pictorial Map of the World w/ the Flights of Charles Lindbergh
The aeronautical achievements of Charles Lindbergh to 1928.

1850 Hesse City 'Gold Rush' View of Sacramento, California
'I don't care, for I have seen the elephant!'

1796 George Nicol Map of Macao / Macau, China
The best map of Macau.

1858 Direccion de Hidrografia Nautical Chart / Map of the Bahamas / Florida
Spanish issue nautical chart of Florida and the Bahamas.

1904 Eldridge Nautical Chart / Map of Massachusetts Bay
A visually impressive nautical chart.

1841 Lauvergne View of the Singapore River, Singapore
Oh how things have changed.

1708 Senex Map of Poland: a Likely First State
Earliest example of the largest English map of Poland.

1868 Swedish Nautical Chart / Map of Bothnian Bay
Bothnian Bay will be a large freshwater 2,000 years.

1884 Kurz and Allison View of the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg
Pickett's Charge - High-Water Mark of the Confederacy.

1852 Magnus Map of New York City and Brooklyn
Dual map showing Manhattan and Brooklyn.

1766 Bowen Map of Poland and Lithuania
The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Prior to Partition.

1792 Ellicot / Thackara and Vallance Map of Washington D. C.
First official large format plan of Washington D.C.

1801 Bowles and Carver 'Four Sheet' Wall Map of the World
Celebrating the exploratory explosion of late 18th century.

1904 Hughes and Bailey View of Greenwich, Connecticut
The sole recorded example.