Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 12/2/2021.
1807 Direccion Hidrografica Map of the Gulf Coast: Texas, Mexico, Louisiana
'The first large-scale printed chart of the Texas coast based on actual soundings and explorations.' - Martin and Martin

1892 Bird's-Eye View of San Leandro, California, and Vicinity
Longest electric railroad in the country!

1700 François Halma Map of Asia
A Baroque Masterpiece in the Mapping of Asia.

1700 François Halma Map of Africa
A Baroque Masterpiece in the Mapping of Africa.

1893 American Fine Art Co. View of the 1893 Columbian Exhibition, Chicago
Utopian Vision of Chicago's World's Columbian Exhibition.

1901 Ferguson Map of the Legation Quarter, Beijing (Boxer Rebellion)
The defense of the Legation Quarter during the Boxer Rebellion.

1896 Moore Bird's Eye View Map of Exeter, New Hampshire
Vignette view of the Phillips Exeter Academy.

1875 Urabe Seiichi Map of Japan, Sakhalin, Kuril, Ogasawara, and Ryukyu Islands
Japan's changing self-conception as it opened up to the world.

1881 Suzuki Dōō Map of Japan, including Hokkaido and the Kuril Islands
Building a Japanese national identify.

1907 Dell's Electric Railway Map of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana
Electric railways in Ohio and parts of Indiana and Pennsylvania.

1945 WWII Route Map of Europe French 2nd Dragoon Regiment
A French WWII regiment route map!

1889 Montes De Oca Ramirez Map of Costa Rica
Costa Rica's trans-continental railroad.

1850 Derby Map of Riley's Travels in the California Gold Region
Early reconnaissance of the California Gold Region.

1893 Bosqui Map of Vista Del Mar, or Sutro Heights in San Francisco
Bold Venture by a Disastrous Real Estate Man.