Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 2/26/2021.
1767 Jaillot Large-Scale Map of Paris (unrecorded state!)
Lost treasure of Parisian Cartography.

1790 Manuscript Map of Lake Como and Lake Lugano after Fornari
1700s manuscript map of Lake Como.

1962 Boucher Map of the World - Red Cross 100th Anniversary
The 100th anniversary of the Red Cross.

1974 City of Liverpool Beatles Pictorial Map of Liverpool
Liverpool Honors the Liverpudlian Fab Four.

1971 Bush Psychedelic Pictorial Map of Guam
A Most Psychedelic Map of Guam.

1784 Janvier Puzzle Map of America w/Sea of the West
The Americas crafted into a unique puzzle!

1932 Clegg Pictorial Map of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware
Pictorial smorgasbord of Middle-Atlantic American history.

1890 Achille Italian Jules Verne Chromo Game of Goose Board Game
Around the World in how many days?

1928 Suchy Pictorial Map of Cleveland, Ohio
By Cleveland's hometown cartographer.

1861 Wyld Map of the United States during the Civil War
British panic over the 1861 Secession Crises.

1711 Waterlow / GIP Railway Map of India w/ Bombay
Asia's 1st major Railroad.

1912 Italian Army Chart or Map of Benghazi, Libya
A world-changing moment...

1755 / 1794 Lewis Evans Map of the Ohio River Valley / Mid-Atlantic States
Best 18th century map of the Ohio River Valley.

1584 Mercator Map of Arabia Based on Ptolemy
Most finely-engraved Ptolemaic map of Arabia.

1908 Youker Map of Sonoma County, California
Largest California wine region.

1885 Rice Map of Saint Paul, Minnesota
Railroad hub to the nation.

1970 Map of Kathmandu, Nepal
Printed in Kathmandu!

1861 Murray Map of Central Asia
The first European expedition into the Tian Shan Mountains.