Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 7/21/2017.
1927 Jo Mora Map of Monterey Peninsula - Seventeen Mile Drive!
Rare first edition of Mora's second pictorial map.

1942 Map of Singapore using Japanese Occupation name 'Shonanto'
Extremely rare WWII map of Singapore using Japanese Occupation name Shonanto.

1899 Lindrooth Map of Lincoln Park, Chicago
Scarce map of Lincoln Park, Chicago - depicts the Lincoln Park Zoo and baseball diamonds!

1855 Woodford Wall Map of Hartford County, Connecticut
The best early wall map of Hartford County, Connecticut. Countless individual landowners and homes identified.

1815 Berthrong Map of Hawaii
Outlines and labels the calderas of the Hawaiian volcanoes!

1788 Bonne Map of the Hawaiian Islands
A French Edition of a map originally drawn by the crew of Captain Cook's third voyage.

1836 Graham Wall Map of Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
The finest early American large format nautical chart of the extremity of Cape Cod Used by Henry David Thoreau when writing 'Cape Cod.'

1874 Coutaut Wine Map of the Gironde (Bordeaux, Medoc) w/ Vineyards
One of the few true antique wine maps we have seen.

1879 Iwakichi Hayami Wall Map of the World in Hemispheres
Gigantic world map hemisphere set illustrating Japanese perspective c. 1876.

1901 Davidson Map of Formosa / Taiwan
Associated with The Island of Formosa Past and Present recognized as one of the foremost works on the history of Taiwan.

1872 Imray Map or Blueback Nautical Chart of the Bahamas and Florida
Impressive working nautical chart of the Bahamas and Floridia Reefs tracing the voyage of Thomas Reese Anderson and the barque Arcadia.

1918 National Railway General Railway Map of the United States, Canada, Mexico
Extensive railway map of the United States and its territories (including the Philippines!), Canada, and Mexico.

1911 Richard Rummell Bird's Eye View of Lower  Manhattan, New York City (shows Titanic!)
Rare Bird's-Eye View of Lower Manhattan showing early stages of New York's skyscraper building phase. Also shows the RMS Titanic!

1835 Williams Map of a Proposed Route for Canal Between Lakes Erie and Ontario
Niagara Falls! A fifth potential route for the canal - requested by a committee from Lockport, N.Y.

1835 Williams Map of Artificial Harbor for Proposed Canal around Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls! Depicts both sets of double locks in detail along with a profile diagram of a lock.

1835 Williams Map of Proposed Routes for Canal Between Lakes Erie and Ontario
Niagara Falls! Presents the four proposed Niagrar canal routes in incredible detail!

1703 Pierre Mortier Nautical Chart or Map of the World (Insular California)
Large early nautical chart of the world showing Californai as an island and embryonic Australia.

1925 Japanese Sugoroku or 'Snakes and Ladders' Map of Japan Gameboard
Stunning Japanese chromolithograph Sugoroku gameboard.

1756 Homann Heirs Map of the Strait of Gibraltar
Homann Heirs map of the Strait of Gibraltar from an unusual southern orientation.

1744 Bellin Map or Plan of New Orleans, Louisiana
The earliest obtainable map or plan of New Orleans, Louisiana.