Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 8/14/2018.
1887 Burleigh Bird's-Eye View of White Plains, New York
Magnificent 19th century view of White Plains - one of only 3 known examples.

1887 Matthew Teirney View of the Inauguration of Jefferson Davis
The most iconic image of the creation of the Confederate States of America.

1864 U.S. Secretary of War Map of Atlanta, Georgia during the Civil War
The best Civil War era map of Atlanta, Georgia.

1865 War Dept. Map of Central Virginia Illustrating General Grant's Campaigns
llustrates Ulysses S. Grant's Overland Campaign from Washington, D.C. to General Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House.

1863 Spangenberg Map of the Battle of Vicksburgh, Mississippi, Civil War
Rare Civil War map of the Battle of Vicksburgh from Spangenberg manuscript.

1887 Kurz and Allison View of the American Civil War Battle of Fort Donelson
Illustrates the Union victory at Fort Donelson - one of Ulysses S. Grant's first victories in the American Civil War.

1863 Weyss Map of Harper's Ferry, West Virginia During the American Civil War
Probably the first detailed map of Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, since West Virginia had only officially been a state since June 1863.

1944 Kautzky Map of the Philippines and Indonesia for Life Magazine
Created soon after the beginning of the Battle of Peleliu - the bitterest battle of the war for the Marines.

1945 Chapin Map of Japan, China, and Korea for TIME Magazine
Illustrates the blockade of the Japanse home islands - references the Twenty-First Bomber Command.

1943 Chapin Map of the Balkans and Eastern Europe for TIME Magazine
A map of the Allied invasion of the Balkans - that never happened.

1945 Chapin Map of Central Europe for TIME Magazine
Depicts the Allied advance into Germany as a red flood over gray land.

1851 U.S. Coast Survey Map or Chart of Mobile Bay, Alabama
Nautical Chart depicting Alabama's Mobile Bay.

1857 James Horsburgh Nautical Chart of Singapore and the Malacca Strait
Horsburgh's most desirable map of Singapore and Malacca Straits.

1873 U.S. Coast Survey Map of Savanna, Hilton Head, and Port Royal
Rare separate issue nautical chart centered on Hilton Head Island.

1920 Cook City Map or Plan of the International Settlement in Shanghai, China
Created by one of the most innovative tourism companies in history : Thomas Cook and Son.

1933 Weston's Biscuits Fantasy Game Map of Tarzan's Jungle
A game which was included with a purchase of Weston's English Quality Biscuits in 1933.

1861 Mitchell Map of Minnesota and the Dakotas
Depicts the Pembina Region - the portion of the Minnesota Territory that fell unorganized after Minnesota's statehood in 1858.

1862 Johnson Map of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island
Illustrates the region soon after the outbreak of the American Civil War.

1861 Mitchell Map of Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas
Creates a visual comparison of the industrial strength of the North versus the weakness of the South in relation to the number of constructed and proposed railroad lines.

1861 Mitchell Map of Georgia and Alabama
Illustrates the vital rail network in Georgia that supplied the Confederate war effort.