Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 6/20/2018.
1899 Chinese Manuscript View of Qingdao (Tsingtao)
The earliest known view of Tsingtao or Qingdao drawn shortly after the German takeover.

1844 Mofras Espionage  Map of the American West: California, Oregon, etc.
A Landmark' Map of the American West 'by a Frenchman . . . intent upon forwarding the interests of France on the Pacific Coast' - Carl Wheat

1720  Van Keulen Flag Chart w/Pirate Flags
Remarkable flag chart with 2 Pirate Flags and the Globe Flag of New England.

1862 Torre / Colton Wall Map of Cuba
Extraordinary large format map of Cuba combining Cuban mapmaking and New York publishing.

1736 Manuscript Map of Ukraine and Crimea during Russo-Turkish War
An original manuscript map detailing events during the first year of the Russo-Turkish War of 1735-1739 - most likely the template for several reduced atlas maps.

1942 SPK Vichy French Anti-British Octopus Propaganda Poster Map
An exceedingly rare anti-British collaborationist propaganda poster from Vichy France.

1855 Hobbs Two Sheet Nautical Chart or Maritime of the Atlantic Ocean
Depicts the Gulf Stream - a current along the coast of North America that effects the climate in the eastern United States and Europe.

1962 Prem Educational Chart of the Flags and Aircraft Insignia of the World
Featurese bilingual text in English and Hindi.

1875 Pitschner Map of the Night Sky in Central Europe
Illustrates the night sky after four weeks of observation and survey work on the summit of Mont Blanc.

1846 Bradford Map of Pennsylvania
Illustrates the network of railroads and canals connecting Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

1846 Bradford Map of Louisiana
Several small railroads are illustrated - constructed to convey cotton to market.

1846 Bradford Map of Mississippi
Depicts the West Feliciana Railroad - the oldest standard-gauge line in the U.S. when it was abandoned in 1978.

1846 Bradford Map of Alabama
Illustrates the Tuscumbia Railway - the first railroad west of the Appalachian Mountains.

1787 Picquet Map of South Carolina During the American Revolution
Traces the American Revolutionary War in South Carolina - labels several battles, including Cowpens.

1815 Read Map of Saint Helena Island (Napoleon in Exile)
Rare and beautiful map illustrating Napoleon's last place of Exile.

1974 City of Liverpool Beatles Pictorial Map of Liverpool
Wonderful pictorial map illustrating the Beatles' early career in Liverpool.

1857 U.S. Coast Survey Chart or Map of Plymouth Harbor, Massachusetts
Scarce separate issue nautical chart of Plymouth Harbor, Massachusetts.

1885 U.S. Coast Survey Chart or Map of Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Maine
Rare separately issued map of Bar Harbor by the United States Coast Survey.

1857 U.S. Coast Survey Chart or Map of Ipswich and Annisquam, Massachusetts
Scarce separate issue nautical chart of Ipswich and Annisquam harbors, Massachusetts.

1846 Bradford Map of Iowa and Wisconsin
An early map of the Wisconsin and Iowa Territories.