Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 9/26/2017.
1840 Burr / Colton Topographical Map of New York City (Manhattan)
The Colton Map - one of the largest and most beautiful maps of New York City pulished in the 19th century - in an unrecorded state.

1939 Nishijima Pictorial Map of Harbin, Northern Manchuria
Cheerful yet menacing pictorial map of Northern Manchuria around Harbin.

1849 Ensign and Thayer 'Tree of Liberty' Patriotic Broadside
Scarce educational Broadside - Tree of Liberty!

1840 Basset Comparative Chart of the Chateaux of France
One of a kind comparative view of the Chateaux of France in wall map format!

1920s Japan-American Enterprise New York City investment map
Unusual Japanese map issued to promote property investment in New York City prior to the Great Stock Market Crash of 1929.

1775 Ottens Map of Saint Eustatius, West Indies
St. Eustatius was key to the American victory during the American Revolutionary War.

1906 U.S. Coast Survey Map of Hyannis Harbor (Hyannisport), Cape Cod
Rare and beautiful separate issue coast survey illustrating the Cape Cod region of Hyannis.

1954 Jacques Branger Pictorial Map of Asia (Messageries Maritimes)
Incredible advertisement for post-war travel from France to the Far East.

1945 Lerman Pictorial Map of Europe, the 7th Armored Division during WWII
Printed for the members of the Seventh Armored Division in Germany before their departure for the United States.

1940 Bekins City Map or Plan of San Diego, California
A map of San Diego on the brink of World War II.

1923 Fortune Magazine Infographic World Map of American Investment
Eye-catching infographic map illustrating American foreign investment in the Interwar Years.

1958 Salomone Pictorial Map of Italy
Visually striking Italian map of Italy.

1917 Rand McNally Map of Brooklyn, New York
Attractive large format map of Brooklyn, New York. Includes the outer parts of Brooklyn that were incorporated into the borough after the turn of the century.

1873 Warren View of Buffalo, New York
Gorgeous view of Buffalo, New York

1936 Hal Arbo Gameboard Fantasy Map of Jack Armstrong's Adventures in Asia
Attractive and entertaining game board promoting an adventure radio serial.

1909 Rand McNally Railroad Map of Oklahoma
Includes intriguing overprinting labeling Oklahoma railroads across the state.

1857 J. W. Hill View of Boston Harbor (proof state)
Proof state of J. W. Hill's spectacular view of Boston Harbor.

1804 Rufus Putnam Map of Ohio (one of the earliest separate maps of Ohio)
The earliest sepcific map of Ohio. Depicts the Connecticut Western Reserve, Virginia Military District, and lands of the Ohio Company.

1805 Putnam Map of the Virginia Military District, Ohio
Land used by Virginia to pay its American Revolutionary War veterans.

1805 Harris City Map or Plan of Marietta, Ohio
Details the relative location of the Marietta Earthworks within the city.