Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 6/24/2024.
1929 Cravens and Dargan Map of Hurricane Paths in the West Indies
Follow hurricane paths from 1887 until 1926.

1880 Sherif Abd al-Muṭṭalib Manuscript Map of Medina (Madinah), Saudi Arabia
First scientific survey of the Islamic holy city of Medina.

1630 / 1641 Hondius / Jansson Map of the World
Classic World Map of the Dutch Golden Age.

1968 Polish Multilingual Map of Nazi Crimes in the Voivodeship of Gdańsk, Poland
Nazi crimes around Gdańsk during World War II.

1719 Michelot-Brémond Chart of the Island of Sardinia
Fine early nautical chart of Sardinia.

1897 Fichot Bird's-Eye View Map of Paris, France
A moment of change.

1876 Kasprzykiewicz Russian-Polish Bilingual City Plan of Warsaw
Defiance and Development in Warsaw.

1925 Kennard Thomson Manuscript Map of Tidal Barrages on the Bay of Fundy
The Elusive Dream of Tidal Power in the Bay of Fundy.

1976 Carawan Pictorial Map of Key West, Florida
Wonderful pictorial map of Key West.

1729 / 1781 Flamsteed Celestial Chart of the Virgo Constellation
From the most important celestial atlas of the 18th Century.

1885 Rice Map of Saint Paul, Minnesota
Railroad hub to the nation.

1898 Buell Map of the Mother Lode, Stockton, California
Timber for the Mother Lode!

1972 Ayupvin / USFS Pictorial Map of the National Children's Forest
Earliest known map to include an image of Woodsy Owl.

1845 Brué and Picquet Map of the West Indies and Central America
The Caribbean in striking detail.

1561 / 1574 Ruscelli British Isles
Edition of the Earliest Acquirable Englishman's Map of the British Isles.

1598 Munster View / Map of Jerusalem
One of the earliest contemporaneous depictions of Jerusalem.