Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 1/22/2018.
1769 Tirion Map of the West Indies
Depicts Spanish, Dutch, English, and French trade routes in the Caribbean - perfect for piracy.

1767 Isaak Tirion Map of Suriname
References the Jewish community in Suriname - one of the largest and earliest in the Western Hemisphere.

1757 Bellin Map of Carolina and Georgia
French map issued in the fourth year of the French and Indian War.

1765 Isaak Tirion Map of Cartagena Harbor, Colombia
Indicates the numerous castles and smaller forts constructed to protect Cartagena from attack.

1818 Franz Pluth Map of North America and South America
Depicts an 'unknown maelstrom' in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South America.

1765 Isaak Tirion Map of San Juan Harbor, Puerto Rico
Illustrates the many defenses of San Juan.

1765 Isaak Tirion Map of South America
Highly detailed map of South America - depicts the apocryphal Lake Xarayes.

1767 Isaak Tirion City Map or Plan of Lima, Peru
Attractive map of Lima - the capital of the Viceroyalty of Peru.

1765 Isaak Tirion Map of Panama
Labels Porto-Bello and Panama City.

1762 Janvier Map of Scandinavia - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland
Includes the legendary Lofoten Maelstrom.

1854 Mitchell Map of New Jersey
Mitchell's distinctive map of New Jersey.

1854 Mitchell Map of Maryland and Delaware
Includes Washington, D.C.

1854 Mitchell Map of Arkansas
Mitchell's distinctive map of Arkansas.

1775 Bonne Map or Chart of the Spheres and Compass Rose
Illustrates five different spheres used in cartography.

1769 Isaak Tirion Map of New Orleans
Important early map of New Orleans.

1766 Isaak Tirion Map of Cartagena, Colombia
Depicts the city during its 'silver age' - one of the most prosperous eras in its long history.

1769 Isaak Tirion Map of Canada
Includes a curious depiction of Lake Winnipeg.

1828 Finley Map of Mexico, Upper California and Texas
Features an interesting pre-Republic mapping of Texas folded into the Intendency of San Louis Potosi.

1769 Isaak Tirion Map of the Americas
Illustrates the apocryphal Laguna de Xarayes.

1828 Finley Map of Louisiana
Features an early county configuration in Louisiana.