Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 12/2/2023.
1782 Jaillot Wall Map of America
Spectacular 18th century wall map published during the American Revolution.

1856 Colton 'Embellished' Wall Map of the World
'One of the great American World Wall maps of the period.' - Rumsey.

1972 Complete Blueprints of the Historic Fort Greene Park Rehabilitation, Brooklyn
Resurrecting one of Brooklyn's oldest parks.

1745 Mannevillette First Edition Map of the Persian Gulf
Suppressed and groundbreaking first edition!

1891 Maschek / Laemmert City Map of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
From Imperial to Republican Capital.

1856 Walling Wall Map of Bennington, Vermont
Bennington's transition into a regional commercial and manufacturing center.

1668 Lubieniecki Chart Depicting the Movement of Comets
International Effort to Understand Comets.

1595 Mercator Map of Asia: First Atlas Edition
First edition Mercator Asia.

1574 Ruscelli Map of New England and the Maritimes (Norumbega)
Reconciling Verrazano and Cartier.

1848 Walker Pocket Map of New York City
A rare and updated map of New York.

1898 Kurz Allison View of the Battle of Manila, Philippines
Ending 350 years of Spanish occupation colonization of the Philippines.

1750 Mount and Page Map of Chesapeake Bay, New York, New England, and Canada
Dominant early 18th century chart of northeastern America.

1813 / 1814 Henry Cooper 1814 Folding Map of London
End of the Edwardian Era, dawn of the Victorian.

1603 / c. 1640 Johann Beyer Celestial Chart of the Cancer Constellation
Cancer from the most important 17th Century celestial atlas.

1835 Seaton Map of the Holy Land: Israel and Palestine
One of the most beautiful maps of the Holy Land from the 19th century.

1933 Osaka Asahi Shimbun World Map; Second Sino-Japanese War, World War II
Military and economic power on the eve of World War II.

1846 Mitchell Map of North America, w/ Republic of Texas
Includes the Republic of Texas.

1882 Ernest W. DuBois Schoolboy manuscript map of Texas
Texas, by a Californian schoolboy.