Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 6/25/2019.
1944 Italian Fascist Anti-American Anit-Roosevelt Broadside Deriding Hypocrisy
Printed soon after the Allied liberation of Rome and the D-Day landings in Normandy.

1665 Kircher Map of the Interior of the World w/Volcanic and Water Systems
The most complete illustration of Kircher's revolutionary hydro-geographic theories.

1665 Kircher Map of the Interior of the World w/Volcanic Systems
The Italian polymath Kircher's iconic map of the Earth's Volcanic Systems.

1926 Olsen and Clark Pictorial Map of Boston, Massachusetts
One of the first separately issued pictorial maps published in the United States.

1874 Holmes Map of Lenox Hill, Manhattan, New York City
A 19th century map of the Lenox Hill neighborhood in Manhattan that traces the neighborhood's development.

1872 Holmes Map of Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York City
A map of Hell's Kitchen that traces the development of the neighborhood.

1770 Kitchin Map of North America
North America between the French and Indian War and the American Revolution.

1905 Walker Trolley Map and View of New England Centered on Boston
A bird's-eye-view of electric and steam railroads in turn of the century New England.

1902 Railway Publishing Pathfinder Railroad Map of the Western United States
Very attractive and detailed railroad route map of the Western United States.

1859 Johnson edition of Colton Map of Florida (First Edition Johnson Map)
The edition of Colton's map of Florida published by Johnson and Browning.

1960 Rand McNally Pictorial Road Map of Florida
Includes vignettes of Florida State University, the University of Tampa, and the University of Miami.

1900 Meekham Map of Raquette Lake, Hamilton County, New York
A popular summer camp destination!

1917 Walker Map of Cape Cod
A road map of Cape Cod highlighting the 'best routes' to take by car.

1940 Kroll Map Co. Map of Alaska
A highly detailed map of Alaska just before the United States entered World War II.

1921 Labouche Freres City Map or Plan of Toulouse, France
An rare city map of Toulouse, France, a city which dates back to Roman times.

1821 Purdy Map of Cabotia (New England and Canada)
A most important map of eastern Canada detailing British settlement and colonization in the early 19th century.

1869 Holmes Map of Little Italy, Nolita, and Soho, Manhattan, NYC
A wonderful map of Little Italy, Nolita, and part of Soho that traces the history of these neighborhoods.

1874 Holmes Map of the Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York City
Depicts the neighborhood as it was in the 1790s: dominated by the Common Lands and long before Central Park was even conceived.

1848 Nicholson Map of Mount Morris, Harlem, Manhattan, New York City
Highlights Mount Morris Park, which hosted the Harlem Cultural Festival, known as the Black Woodstock, in 1969.

1899 Rice City Map or Plan of Minneapolis, Minnesota
A highly detailed city plan of Minneapolis including the various railroads that traveled through the city.