Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 10/23/2018.
1913 Greek View of the Invasion of Chios During the First Balkan War
An extremely rare Greek view of the Greek invasion of the island of Chios in the Aegean Sea during the First Balkan War.

1917 Greek Political Broadside - Likely a World War I Recruiting Poster
World War I recruiting broadside encouraging Greek-Americans to enlist.

1964 Dudley Chase Pictorial Map of Massachusetts for the 1964 World's Fair
A special edition map created for the Massachusetts pavilion at the 1964 New York World's Fair.

1780 Bonne Map of Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico
Labels the mission 'Tejas' from which Texas got its name.

1771 Set of Two Bonne Maps of West Africa
Stunning maps of the coast of West Africa featuring speculative cartography in the interior.

1944 Turner World Map During World War II
Includes an inset speculating on the location of the presumed invasion of continental Europe.

1828 Finley Map of Asia
Labels the Land of Liakhov, which is more widely known as the Legendary Ivory Islands.

1828 Finley Map of Israel, Palestine, or the Holy Land
Illustrates the territory assigned to each of the Biblical tribes of Israel.

1828 Finley Map of Africa
A beautiful map of Africa predating the mid-19th century explosion of expeditions to explore the 'Dark Continent'.

1828 Finley Map of India
A detailed map of India and the surrounding region - including the Maldives.

1852 Williams and Redding Map of New England: Telegraph and Railroad
Rare early railroad map of New England.

1879 Stanley Map of East Africa Tracing His First Trans-Africa Expedition
Traces the first half of Stanley's first expedition across Africa from 1874 - 1877.

1798 Dayes and Basire Calendar with View of Morton College, Oxford, England
A calendar from 1798 including a view of Merton College in Oxford.

1917 U.S. Hydrographic Office Nautical Chart of the Lesser Antilles
Depicts numerous Caribbean islands, including Martinique, Saint Lucia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

1950s Rand McNally Pictorial Road Map of Florida
A tourist's road map of Florida - ideal for any fishing enthusiast who wants to know where to catch different species of fish.

1940 Pyle Pictorial Map of the Black Hills, South Dakota
A wonderful pictorial tourist map of the Black Hills that features illustrations of stagecoaches, cowboys, and bison.

1942 University of California-Berkeley Campus Map
A map of the University of California at Berkeley campus with a handwritten note on verso citing 'Good Looking Women'.

1946 University of Hawaii Map of Future Campus Expansion on the Mānoa Campus
A map of the University of Hawaii at Mānoa immediately after World War II illustrating proposed construction projects.

1780 Bonne and Raynal Map of Florida, Louisiana, and the Carolinas
A map of the southeastern United States published during the American Revolutionary War.

1942 American Automobile Association Pictorial Road Map of Florida
Features illustrations of ephemeral tourist attractions, such as Marine Studios and Clyde Beatty's Jungle Zoo.