Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 8/22/2019.
1896 Aece Hage Chromo View of Jerusalem - made in Boston by Arab immigrant
Strange Arabic- Boston imprint from first wave of Islamic immigration to the United States.

1855 John William Hill Panoramic View of Portland, Maine
First edition of Hill's iconic 'Launching Print' View of Portland Maine.

1867 Fichot Lithograph Large Format View Map of Paris, France
Paris after the Haussmann Renovations at the height of the Second Empire.

1877 Albert Ruger Bird's-Eye View Map of Dover, New Hampshire
Full color foe of Dover, New Hampshire!

1876 Carter Map of New Hampshire Election Districts
An extremely rare map illustrating early gerrymandering in New Hampshire.

1950 Admiralty Nautical Map of Puerto Rico w/ interesting notations
Features manuscript notations detailing ammunition dumping and military exercises.

1944 Persian Gulf Command Pictorial Map of Iran
A pictorial map of Iran published either by or for the U.S. military.

1924 Poole and Union Pacific Map of Estes Park, Colorado
One of the great National Parks.

1788 Maire Map of the Mouth of the Dnieper River, Crimea (Ukraine)
Highlights several important locations during the first year of the Russo-Turkish War of 1787 - 1792.

1956 Moss Pictorial Map of Manhattan, New York City
A comical pictorial tourist map of New York City highlighting all of the city's iconic landmarks - and it's now closed automats!

1985 Working Group for Comparative High Mountain Research Map of Mount Everest
Illustrates in detail the Himalayan region in the vicinity of Mount Everest and includes manuscript notations about a trek!

1929 Hudson Map Company City Map or Plan of Saint Paul, Minnesota
A wonderfully detailed map of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

1920 Kogutowicz and Czako City Map or Plan of Budapest, Hungary
A city map of Budapest during a time of political upheaval following the end of World War I.

1777 Le Rouge Nautical Chart or Maritime Map of Delaware Bay
A French edition of Joshua Fisher's chart of Delaware Bay, considered to be one of the most important maps of the vicinity of Philadelphia ever produced.

1829 Crawfurd Map of Burma or Myanmar - first accurate map of Burma!
The first accurate map of the interior of Burma!

1788 Maire Map of the Dardanelles or the Hellespont, Turkey
Published during the Austro-Turkish War.

1944 Chapin Map of American Progress in the Pacific War During WWII
Highlights the progress of the Allied push against Japan in the Pacific all the while getting closer to Japan itself.

1690 Coronelli Map of the Rhine River Between Wesel and Koblenz, Germany
A map of the Rhine River and the Electorate of Cologne, one of the many administrative divisions of the Holy Roman Empire.

1863 Johnson Map of California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah
One of the most popular Johnson maps among American Southwest aficionados.

1966 Thang City Map or Plan of Saigon, South Vietnam
A Vietnamese city plan of Saigon published during the Vietnam War.