Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 5/28/2023.
1743 / 1771 Catesby Map of the American Southeast: Florida, Georgia and the Bahamas
Finest colonial-era map of the American southeast.

1862 Sadahide View of American Ships Departing California
Early Japanese connections with San Francisco.

1973 Shemin / Royster Pictorial View of Nantucket, Massachusetts
The Little Grey Lady of the Sea.

1595 Mercator's Two-Sheet Map of Ireland
Most detailed representation in print of Robert Lythe's surveys.

1849 Mitchell Map of California and Oregon, with Gold Region
The first specific map of the west to appear in an American Atlas. Also, the only edition of this map to show the California Gold Region.

1932 Kobayashi Map of Shanghai showing Textile Area w/ Bund
During the 1932 Shanghai Incident.

1887 Inoue Map of Tokyo
A striking map of Meiji-era Tokyo.

1962 Transit Authority Pictorial Cut-Away Map of the New 59th Street Express Station
New York history! The inaugural celebrations of the new 59th Street Lexington Avenue express subway station.

1951 Morac Pictorial Cold War Propaganda Broadside Map of Europe
Shelter from the communist storm.

1842 Spooner European Traveller Map Game Board
Spooner's most educational map game.

1888 Yoshimura Sentarō Japanese Map of the World
Meiji Era map with interesting anomalies.

1897 Garcia Cubas and Vega Map of Chiapas, Mexico
Land and Labor in Chiapas.

1954 Burgess Comic Pictorial Map of Frankfurt, Germany
Ephemeral take on American military life in Frankfurt after WWII.

1857 Colton Map of Nebraska and Kansas Territories at Their Fullest Extent
An early, important map of the Kansas and Nebraska Territories.

1924 Yoshida Hatsusaburō View of Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Great Kanto Earthquake
The Earthquake that Transformed Tokyo.