Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 9/22/2017.
1857 J. W. Hill View of Boston Harbor (proof state)
Proof state of J. W. Hill's spectacular view of Boston Harbor.

1804 Rufus Putnam Map of Ohio (one of the earliest separate maps of Ohio)
The earliest sepcific map of Ohio. Depicts the Connecticut Western Reserve, Virginia Military District, and lands of the Ohio Company.

1805 Putnam Map of the Virginia Military District, Ohio
Land used by Virginia to pay its American Revolutionary War veterans.

1805 Harris City Map or Plan of Marietta, Ohio
Details the relative location of the Marietta Earthworks within the city.

1920 Brett's Pharmacy English Language City Map or Plan of Yokohama, Japan
English language tourist map of Yokohama!

1948 Jolly Lindgren Humerous Pictorial Map of Yellowstone National Park
Hilarious pictorial map of Yellowstone National Park.

1972 Trans Continental Cartographers Pictorial Map of New Orleans, Louisiana
An extremely rare and highly entertaining pictorial map of New Orleans, Louisiana during Mardi Gras.

1972 Trans Continental Cartographers Pictorial Map of Atlanta, Georgia
Highly attractive - and humorous! - map of Atlanta, Georgia bordered by columns and peach blossoms.

1968 Gage Map of Annisquam, Massachusetts
The Annisquam Yacht Club is prominently depicted!

1805 Harris View of the Ancient Works along the Muskingum River, Ohio
Incredible view of the Marietta Earthworks - and ancient ceremonial site constructed by the Hopewell Culture.

1927 Parker Brothers Gameboard Map of the United States
Charming gameboard of the United States with beautiful vignettes illustrating life in each state!

1937 Freedman Bird's Eye View Map or View of New York City
Identifies numerous locations around Manhattan - including Central Park and the Empire State Building!

1846 John Haven Broadsheet Map of the Untited States (Mexican-American War)
Broadside proclaiming Manifest Destiny published at the outset of the Mexican American War.

1850 Hesse City Map or View of Sacramento, California (Gold Rush)
Sacramento at the height of the California Gold Rush!

1836 / 46 Kemble Map of the Republic of Texas
Map showing land grants in the Republic of Texas in the year of its founding.

1932 or Showa 7 Japanese Map of Shanghai (w/photo of Bund)
An iconic map of Shanghai, China, featuring a dramatic panoramic photograph of the Bund.

1863 Johnson Map of Kansas, Nebraska and Dakota
Extremely rare depiction of the state of Nebraska extending to Fremont's Peak.

1840 Black Map of Comparative Mountains and Rivers
Gorgeous example of the mountains and rivers chart.

1688 De Wit Map of the Balkans (Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Bulgaria)
The frontier between the Habsburg Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

1893 Britton and Rey Map of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
Incredible early map of Golden Gate Park - only the eastern third has been improved!