Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 10/23/2019.
1787 Jaugeon / Desnos Wall Map of the World in Hemispheres
One of the most richly informative cartographic productions ever created.

1863 Book and Map of the Battle of Gettysburg, Manuscript Notes and Map!
Remarkable book with a railroad magnate's appended manuscript maps and annotations relating to the Battle of Gettysburg. Also, an unrecorded early printed map of the Battle of Gettysburg.

1896 Rand McNally Wall Map of the United States w/ Union Pacific Railroad
Large in-station map of the Union Pacific Routes - 1 of just 3 known examples.

1853 Darrow and Kellog View of New Haven, Connecticut, from East Rock
Extremely rare view of New Haven and Yale!

1830 Perrot Comparative Charts of the World's Men and Women
Two comparative charts illustrating the traditional dress of the men and women of the world.

1963 Army Map Service Pictorial Map of the Moon
A striking map of the Moon published in November 1963 - the same month as the John F. Kennedy assassination.

1935 Schruers Pictorial Map of Harvard University
Created to commemorate Harvard's tercentenary.

1950 Craste Pictorial Map of Cameroon
A charming pictorial map promoting Cameroon.

1928 Pictorial City Map of Portland, Maine
A wonderful pictorial map of Portland, Maine promoting Portland's first nursery.

1926 Stanford Map of British North Borneo (Sabah, Malaysia)
Fascinating infrastructure map of Sabah. Malaysia, as British North Borneo.

1811 Reinecke Map of the Caucasus, Armenia and Georgia
Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan during the Russo-Persian War

1836 Silk Flag Chart w/ Republic of Texas Flag
Includes Republic of Texas Flag!

1941 Pictorial Map of the United States
A Patriotic Pictorial Map of the United States

1928 Harold H. Brown Pictorial Map of the Holy Land / Israel / Palestine w/ Sinai
Highlights important Biblical and secular events throughout the region.

1928 Nostrand Birds Eye View Map of New York City, New York
Jazz Age Map of New York City in Vivid Color

1898 Map of the Borough of Brooklyn Engraved for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle
One of the Earliest Maps to show the Borough of Brooklyn

1976 Consuelo Joerns Pictorial Map of Martha's Vineyard
Pen and ink pictorial map of Marth's Vineyard!

1728 Stöcklein Map of the Amazon based on its Earliest Firsthand Mapping
Edition of the Earliest Map of the Amazon Produced by One Who Explored It.

1650 Fuller Map of Judaea and the Dead Sea
Dramatically Engraved Map of Judaea and the Dead Sea

1945 Paine Pictorial Map of Europe
Includes portraits of such luminaries as Voltaire, Mozart, Dante, and Tolstoy.