Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 4/21/2018.
1821 Qing Chinese Qianren Huang Map of China
One of the most important and influential Chinese issued maps of the Qing Empire. Issued to memorialize the reign of the Jiaqing Emperor and celebrate the coming Daoguang reign.

1784 Santini Map of the World on a Dual Polar Projection
Fascinating map the divides the world into terrestrial and maritime hemispheres and argues for a Paris Prime Meridian.

1844 Bowden Quaker Map of North America w/ American Indian Nations
Unusual dual purpose map illustrating both American Indian lands and Quaker annual meetings.

1775 Jefferys Map of Cuba and the Florida Keys
Most important late 18th century map of Cuba. Illustrates the Spanish Treasure Fleet wreck of the 'Santiago el Grande.'

1944 World War II Allied Target Map of Qingdao (Tsingtao), China
World War II Allied target map of Tsingtao. This map is unique and unlike any others we were able to locate.

1943 Japanese WWII Map of North and South America
Japanese World War II map illustrating Japanese imperial ambition in the Americas.

1803 Poirson Map of the Mississippi River Valley (French Louisiana)
Map illustrating the fading French Louisiana just before the Louisiana Purchase.

1744 Tirion Map of China, Korea, and Japan
Labels the home of the Dalai Lama and the Great Wall of China.

1934 Harper Pictorial Map of Greenwich Village
A charming pictorial map of Greenwich Village - labels New York University and the Whitney Museum.

1742 Covens and Mortier Map of the Bordeaux Wine Region (Gironde, Gascogne, Guienne)
Map illustrating the Bordeaux Wine Region and neighboring Armagnac Region.

1728 Senex and Halley Map of Brazil
Features a gorgeous depiction of the Amazon River Basin.

1671 Montanus Map of Brazil
Employs a mountain range to separate the Amazon and Paraguay Rivers - unlike most other maps of South America from this era.

1934 Brown Chart of the World's Flags
Scottish Pre-WWII flag chart with Third Reich flags.

1866 U.S. Coast Survey Map of the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay
One of the rarest and most desriable U.S. Coast Survey maps of the Chesapeake Bay.

1855 Fuller Map of the Red River in Louisiana
Labels Albany, Louisiana - 'A shipping point of some note' in 1860.

1852 Noble Land Survey Map of Michigan
Illustrates how land was surveyed in the State of Michigan.

1846 Bradford Map of Rhode Island
Highlights improvements for travelers between New York City and Boston following the opening of the Stonington Line.

1846 Bradford Map of Virginia (including West Virginia)
Features early county configuration. Predates West Virginia.

1851 Black Map of China
China on the brink of the Taiping Rebellion.

1850 U.S. Coast Survey Map of New Jersey and Long Island
Labels numerous locations throughout the region, including New York, Brooklyn, and Williamsburg.