Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 4/21/2019.
1878 St. Louis Texas Short Line Railroad Braodside: St. Lous to Texarkana
Stunning railroad broadside promoting emigration to Texas.

1893 Rand McNally Map of the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railway
Scarce national map illustrating a Midwest Railroad's attempt to compete with the Northern Pacific.

1883 Rice Map of Saint Paul, Minnesota
Rare separate issue map of the capital of Minnesota.

1946 Kelly and Walsh Map of Shanghai, China
Depicts the ephemeral post WWII - Pre Communist Shangahi.

1785 Hayashi Shihei Manuscript Map of Korea
A Banned Map! Raremanuscript map of Haishi Shihei's important map of Korea.

1799 Poirson Map of the United States
Important map illustrating American Indian First Nations settlements in Florida, the Carolinas, and Georgia.

1867 General Land Office Map of the United States w/ Mineral Deposits
Illustrates important gold, silver, and other mineral deposits throughout the United States.

1790 Schlepper Map of the Environs of St. Petersburg, Russia
Illustrates the environs of St. Petersburg at the end of Catherine the Great's reign.

1790 Chudjakov City Map or Plan of St. Petersburg, Russia
An extremely rare city plan of St. Petersburg at the end of Catherine the Great's reign.

1938 Salloch Pictorial Map of New York City
A charming pictorial map of New York City created by a German Jewish refugee living in New York City.

1939 Shell Pictorial City Map or Plan of New York City for the World's Fair
A pictorial tourist map of New York City created to promote the New York World's Fair.

1914 Meinertzhagan WWI Map of Kenya and Tanzania: East Africa Campaign
One of the few surviving maps from Meinertzhagan's Nairobi Map Room used for field opperations in the WWI East Africa Campaign.

1900 Investment Broadside Map of the Sao Paulo and Rio Grande Railway, Brazil
An extremely rare French broadside promoting the Sao Paulo-Rio Grande Railway in Brazil.

1556 / 1606 Gastaldi Map of New England or Nuova Francia (first specific map of New England)
The first specific map of New England and one of the earliest to illuminate Verrazano's discovery of New York Harbor.

1847 Robinson View of the Government House in New York City
An extremely rare 19th century view of the Government House - the intended residence for the President of the United States before the government decamped to Philadelphia.

1948 Swenningsen Map of the 'United States as Floridan Sees It'
Charming pictorial map exaggerating Florida!

1938 Fairmap Pictorial City Map or Plan of New York City
Illustrates famous sites around Manhattan in profile, including the Empire State Building and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

1909 Richard Rummel Sepia View of Colby College
Rare bird's-eye view of Colby College, Waterville, Maine.

1840 View of the Steamboat Lexington Disaster, Long Island, New York
A virtually unknown view of the Steamship Lexington disaster in Long Island Sound.

1840 View of Burning of the Lexington, Long Island, New York
An extremely rare view of the burning of the Steamship Lexington in Long Island Sound.