John Menzies (fl. c. 1792 – 1851) was a Scottish engraver active in Edinburgh during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Menzies mastered engraving as an apprentice to James Rymer. In 1811 he partnered with a younger relative, George Menzies, to found the firm of J. and G. Mezies, which was active until about 1831. Later his son, also named John, joined the firm and they engraved jointed under the imprint of J. Menzies and Son. At its height the Menzies firm employed three men and three apprentices. Menzies engraved maps for Thomas Brown and John Thomson, among others. After his death, he son, John Menzies II (1819 – 1891), continued the family business until about 1891.

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