Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 1/16/2021.
1730 Ottens Edition of Strahlenberg's First, Stolen Map of Russia
A richly-detailed rendering of Strahlenberg's stolen 1715 map of Russia in Asia and the Tatar Empire.

1691 Coronelli Map of Africa
The most dramatically engraved and presented map of Africa of the 17th century.

1808 Laurie and Whittle Map of the World in Hemispheres
The most decorative world map of the 19th century.

1574 Ruscelli Map of New England and the Maritimes (Norumbega)
Reconciling Verrazano and Cartier.

1847 Emory Map of the American Southwest
'...the most important milestone in the cartographic development and accurate delineation of the Southwest.' - Carl Wheat

1923 Wall Map of Turkey in Ottoman Turkish
Published the year the Republic of Turkey was founded.

1878 Turner Map of Xinjiang China during the Dungan Revolt
One of the first western maps of Xinjiang, China, illustrating a British trade mission.

1920 City Plan or Map of Mosul, Iraq in Arabic
The ancient city of Mosul - includes the Great Mosque of al-Nuri, which was destroyed by ISIL in 2017.

1752 Buache Map of the Sea Floor of the English Channel
An early effort to map the sea floor, focusing on the English Channel.

1972 Nan Hua Publishing Company City Plan or Map of/ Taichung City, Taiwan
Taiwanese city plan of Taichung City, the second largest city in Taiwan.

1939 Colortext Pictorial Story Map of Mexico
Snapshot of Mexican culture, history, and industry.

1865 Miller Ribbon Map of the Hudson River, New York
Detailed ribbon map of the Hudson River Valley.

1945 British Twelfth Army Christmas Card Map of Burma
Christmas greetings from Southeast Asia - with a geography lesson.

1940 Forget-Me-Not Greeting Cards Map of the State of Good Cheer for Santa
Santa adventures through the State of Good Cheer to 'Your House.'

1965 Hatch Wolfe Tourist City Plan or Map of Kabul, Afghanistan
Published by 'The grandmother of Afghanistan'.

1944 Hagstrom Map of New York City Subway Lines for Military Personnel
Published for military personnel visiting New York during World War II.

1749 Nolin Wall Map of Asia
Dramatic 18th century wall map!

1888 Wilson Nautical Chart or Map of Porto Rico and the Virgin Islands
The dangerous seas around the Virgin Islands.