Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 11/19/2018.
1852 Levasseur Map of L'Allier Department, France (Saint-Pourain Wine Region)
Map of the Saint-Pourçain wine region of France.

1852 Levasseur Map of the Department L'Ain, France (Bugey Wine Region)
Map of the Bugey wine region of France.

1760 Desnos and De La Tour Map of North America and South America
Rare deluxe edition of Desnos's Map of America.

1804 German Edition of the Rennel Map of India
Extremely scarce German edition of Rennell's map of India.

1843 Gilbert Map of the United States
Interesting map of the United States showing unusual state capitals and the Republic of Texas.

1854 Hidrografica Nautical Chart of Map of Cuba
Extremely scarce Spanish nautical chart of Cuba.